May 31, 2011

Joint Master’s Programme in South-Eastern European Studies

The Universities of Graz, Zagreb, Belgrade and Skopje are pleased to announce the call for applications for the new Interdisciplinary Joint Master’s Programme in South-Eastern European Studies. This two year MA programme is offered as a joint degree between the four partner universities commencing in the autumn semester (from October 2011).

The Interdisciplinary Joint Master’s Programme in South-Eastern European Studies was developed as a part of the JoinSEE Tempus project and it is run by four consortium members (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Serbia), Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje (Macedonia), Karl-Franzens-University Graz (Austria), University of Zagreb (Croatia)) and six partners for the purpose of student (and staff) mobility: University of Bologna (Italy), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), University of Novi Sad (Serbia), University of Poitiers (France), University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), South East European University in Tetovo (Macedonia).

May 27, 2011

5 Ways to Get Started in a Career in Financial Planning

Financial planning can be a very lucrative and rewarding career, especially for those who like dealing with money. Financial training is only one element of building a successful career. Often when we get started in something new, it is the foundation and the way that we start that can have a large impact on our progress and development, in terms of both speed and quality. Don't confuse issues of speed and quality; some people just manage to do things faster and better at the same time. Just because something is taking you a long time, does not mean that you are doing it better. Here are some of the issues that you should consider.

May 26, 2011

European Youth Week in Novi Sad - actWins 2011

eYouwins - The European Youth Week in Novi Sad is the one of the first and the largest youth festival with a thematic focus in Serbia. eYouwins is dedicated to youth in Serbia, Europe and worldwide, and its mission is to promote the spirit of cooperation, to link cultures, ideas and, above all, people. Festival has started in 2006 and in short time has gained popularity among young people all over Europe. During the last four years more than 5000 young people were involved in the Festival events and almost 400 guests from 25 countries visited Novi Sad and Serbia.

The sixth European Youth Week in Novi Sad, Activism Week - actWins 2011 - will be held between 16th and 23rd August 2011. Central activities will be organized in Novi Sad. Accommodation and food will be organized in student dormitories, and student restaurants. The organizer of the Festival is the Creative Educational Centre Novi Sad, in cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

May 24, 2011

Summer Academy for NATO and EU Common Foreign and Security Policy

Summer Academy for North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO) and European Union Common Foreign and Security Policy (EU CFSP) will take place on 14 – 30 August 2011 in Prishtina (Kosovo) – Skopje (Macedonia) – Tirana (Albania) – Podgorica (Montenegro) – Prishtina (Kosovo).

The NATO and EU are the most prominent examples on how regional integration works. For 28 Euro-Atlantic member states, respectfully 27 EU members states supranational policy-making determines not only their political and security systems; the global challenges of the 21st century illustrate the limitations of power of individual governments, these requiring common approaches. As a consequence, integration is also considered important for European security policy.

This summer academy provides students with 4 Bachelor ECTS, and 2 Master ECTS.

May 23, 2011

How to Write a Successful Scholarship Essay

What makes you so special? Competition can be fierce these days for finding financial assistance for your education. Everyone has characteristics and experiences that make them unique. In order to win a scholarship, you must not only learn to recognize these differences in yourself, but be proud of them.

Here are some tips for writing a successful scholarship essay:

1. Know the topic. Many scholarship applications require that the essay portion answer a specific question. Stick to the topic throughout the entire essay.

May 19, 2011

7th Annual Summer School "Security Challenges in XXI Century"

Prague Security Studies Institute's 7th Annual Summer School entitled "Security Challenges in XXI Century" will take place in Telc, Czech Republic on July 10-15, 2011.

The main objective of the summer school, which is held in cooperation with NATO's Public Diplomacy Division, is to offer a high-profile study course for students of graduate programs, based on presentations, interactive workshops and simulations with international security experts from academia and government.

May 18, 2011

Simple Ways to be "Green" While Studying Aboard

Students choose to travel abroad for a variety of reasons, but many do so in order to be given the opportunity to be immersed into a foreign, beautiful country for an extended period of time. While the charm and allure of sandy beaches, exotic animals, fresh air and clear blue skies may be the reason why some choose certain programs in specific locations, it's important that students diligently work to ensure that their host country stays beautiful long after they've completed their study abroad program.  To learn how to act as an eco-friendly study abroad student, continue reading below.

May 17, 2011

5 Future Issues To Consider Before Coming To Australia To Study

If you are planning to study abroad in Australia, there are a number of issues that you need to think about before you go. Some of these issues may be very personal and more than just your ability to learn English. Living away from home can be a trying time and if you are going to study for a number of years, there are quite a few issues to think about.

May 5, 2011

Five Benefits in Studying Overseas

Benefits to studying overseas include meeting new people, experiencing growth in your academic skills, becoming more aware of your own culture and experiencing different methods of education.

Many students decide that instead of attending university in their home country they undertake their course at an institution overseas. There are many benefits to studying overseas and there are many students from all over the world that choose to study in Australia. There are many great universities all over Australia, in the major cities and in smaller towns and suburbs, and even universities located in rural areas. There are a wide range of courses on offer and Australia is a fantastic country to visit and stay in. 

May 3, 2011

Saint Petersburg Youth International Economic Forum 2011

Saint Petersburg Youth International Economic Forum is the flagship event where talented future global leaders engage in both public discussion and development of Russia’s key modernization projects. The Forum was founded in 2010. The next Youth International Economic Forum will take place on June 15-17 in Saint Petersburg, Russia and it overlaps and is integrated with the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 16-18. The overarching goal this year is to start breaking down the very last “walls” on the way to a truly open and global Russia.

If you are a leader in the field of business/politics/science/sports and you are 18-30 years old, you can become a part of the Russian Davos for young global leaders.

May 2, 2011

How to Survive for a Semester in a Foreign Country

Studying abroad can be a great experience, and it's one that students should definitely seek out if they possibly can. What other time of your life can you spend a few months living in a foreign country on your own with little to worry about besides school? It's really a great opportunity, as it can both expand your horizons and hurry along your own personal development.

However, studying abroad also comes with its own unique set of trying circumstances. After all, when you study abroad you remove yourself from your friends and family for a long period of time; you have to navigate the often confusing customs and ways of living in another country; and you are on your own.

But this doesn't mean it can't be done! In fact, there are all sorts of resources out there that should help you as you prepare to survive on your own for a few months. Here are a few tips I could gather from these resources. Keep in mind that you'll also want to talk with an academic counselor at your school who could help you as well.