July 31, 2012

Visiting Fellow Grants at Bielefeld Graduate School

The Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology is a joint institution of the Faculty of Sociology and the History Department of the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology at Bielefeld University (Germany). Under the umbrella of the Graduate School, international doctoral programmes in sociology and history are offered. It provides an inspiring research environment for about 180 doctoral candidates.

The Graduate School is offering 1 – 2 Visiting Fellow Grants for international doctoral candidates to fund up to four month research stay at the Graduate School.

The scholarships will be awarded for the Winter Term 2012/2013 (1 October until 31 March 2013) and include a stipend of 1.200 Euro per month. Upon application, travel costs can also be covered by the Graduate School. If applicable, a children’s allowance will be added.

July 30, 2012

3 Apps Every Study Abroad Student Should Download

Choosing to enroll in a study abroad program is one of the most intelligent things an undergraduate can do—not only can it open your eyes to an entire new world, but it can also help make you become a more independent and adventurous person. Not to mention you simultaneously get to earn college credit while exploring a new exotic location. And while you may think that you can simply just travel more once you get a full time job, an opportunity to spend several months in an exotic location may not come again. That said, if you're departing to study abroad soon, congratulations. However, for those traveling to non-English speaking countries, you might want to make sure that you are equipped with the proper tools to help you in your travels. That said, to learn the most important apps you should download on your smart phone, continue reading below.

July 23, 2012

Top 10 Universities to Get Your Master’s Degree

If you have made the decision to get your master’s degree, it stands to reason that you want to study at the best possible university. But how do you choose the right one out of all the thousands in your country and throughout the rest of the world?

Of course, a lot depends on what courses you are interested in and what your main priorities are, however, there are a number of universities that stand out as being especially prestigious. To give you an idea of just how broad your options are, we’ve narrowed down the top ten universities around the globe to get your master’s degree. 

July 21, 2012

Society for the Humanities Fellowships 2013-2014

The Society for the Humanities invites scholars to reflect upon the theme of “Occupation: From Space and Time to Practice and Politics“ in order to further understanding of historical and contemporary practices of occupation within physical, professional, and virtual territories and practices. What does it mean “to be occupied” or “to be in the time of occupation”? The Society wishes to open the question of how occupation has shaped the humanities in relation to patterns of thought and artistic representation. Equally important is how historical events of occupation, as well as the establishment of intellectual professions and institutions, have relied on or shaped the humanities. The Society encourages applicants to investigate the cultural, social, artistic, philosophical, and political implications of the theme.

Fellows will work across disciplines to reflect on what occupation means philosophically, psychoanalytically, and theoretically.

July 20, 2012

International Summer School of Leadership 2012, Ukraine

Zaporizhzhya Institute of Economics and Information Technologies holds Ist International Summer School of Leadership timed to coincide with the 19th anniversary of ZIEIT for students of all economic majors of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries.  
Period: September 15-23, 2012.
Location: the South coast of the Crimea, sports and fitness complex “Smena” (Foros).

The main objective of the International Summer School of Leadership is to improve the educational level of students, who are studying at such majors as “Management”, “International economics”, “Economics of Enterprise”, “Marketing”, “Finances” and others; adopt the national educational system to international standards; form the circle of young scientists with the prospects of further cooperation in the field of scientific research.

July 19, 2012

Top 7 Places to Study Abroad for Science Majors

Who says being a party animal and a science nerd are mutually exclusive? Whether you are looking to go abroad because the waves crashing on the Australian shores are calling your name, the clubs in Milan are playing your jam, or you simply need to eat cheese in Paris for six months, there is no reason being a science major should hold you back. Here are some of the best destinations for the college scientists out there who have caught the travel bug.

July 13, 2012

Global Entrepreneurship Summer School 2012

Last call for applications! Global Entrepreneurship Summer School in Munich, Germany, is not just a conventional Summer School. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the most exciting Summer School around the Globe. Apply now and meet leading Entrepreneurial Talents from around the World for more than one week in Germany.  

This year summer school will be held on September 20-28, 2012, the topic of the summer school: People on our PlanetChallenges of the Future.

Population Dynamics constitutes one of the most multifaceted global issues that will impact the shape of our world’s societies. While in most developed nations the population is both aging and shrinking, the total global population will explode from 7 billion at present to 10 billion in 2050. Never before in history people have migrated at such frequency and number, from rural areas to cities, from the poorer to the richer countries.

July 12, 2012

Hermann Strenger Scholarships

With the launch of the Hermann Strenger program in 2010, the Bayer foundation is for the first time also offering support to young people in the non-academic sector to gain work experience abroad. 

The program is aimed at committed young people in the final stages of their training or those who have successfully completed their training within the last two years and who are looking to go abroad for a maximum of one year to gain initial international experience as part of a project, internship, training course or simply “on-the-job” work. 

July 9, 2012

Taming Scholars “Gone Wild”

Losing a Scholarship Is a Sacrilege
Losing a scholarship is an easy proposition. Why would any serious student do so? Higher education is becoming more and more expensive no matter in which part of the world you may reside. More and more American students are entering the workforce after being graduated with a mountain of debt that they won’t be able to pay off for many years. The phenomenon is becoming a reality in other countries as well. Any person, young or old, desirous of an advanced education, should welcome any financial assistance and should hold meeting the obligations of that assistance as nearly sacred.

July 6, 2012

Paid Translations Traineeships in EU Parlament

Parliament offers several options for traineeships within its Secretariat, to provide opportunities for vocational training and for learning more about what the European Parliament is and does.

Paid traineeships are awarded solely to graduates of universities or equivalent institutions. Their purpose is to enable trainees to supplement the knowledge which they acquired during their studies and to familiarise themselves with the activities of the European Union and, in particular, the European Parliament.

Study Abroad Scholarship Tips

Studying abroad has become the norm among college undergraduates. Being immersed in another culture gives you the opportunity to turn your traditional education on its side. Many students miss out on the opportunity to go, because they think it’s too expensive. It’s definitely not a cheap endeavor, but studying abroad is not as out of reach as many think. Understanding the types of scholarships available, knowing where to look, and making yourself stand out can all make studying abroad possible.

Types of Scholarships

Merit-Based: These scholarships are awarded based on abilities such as academic, athletic, and artistic. Sometimes those in charge of the money will take extracurricular activities and community service into account as well.