September 10, 2011

7th UNESCO Youth Forum

UNESCO offers young journalists and bloggers the opportunity to participate in the 7th Youth Forum of the 36th UNESCO General Conference, taking place in Paris from 17 to 20 October 2011. Journalists and bloggers who are selected to attend the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum will be able to network with youth delegates from 193 countries, with key members of international organizations and with non-governmental organizations.

A young blogger from each of UNESCO’s five constituent regions (Africa, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and North America & Latin America and the Caribbean) will be selected.

Established in 1999, the Youth Forum has become an integral part of UNESCO’s highest decision-making body - the General Conference. It brings together young delegates from all over the world to exchange views, share experiences and identify common opportunities and challenges

Youth journalists and bloggers have three roles: Firstly, they will ensure internal coverage of the Forum through blogs, articles, video clips, radio coverage and other relevant mediums. Secondly, they will be responsible for reporting news of the Forum to their regional and local communities, networks and organizations. Thirdly, they will accompany the action of youth delegates in implementing the recommendations of the Forum in the regions.

Find below the basic selection criteria and the processes for application and selection:

Applications should be sent to with the reference “Youth blogger application for the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum”. The application deadline is Thursday, September 15, 2011.

Criteria for Selection
General requirements for youth journalists and bloggers:
• Be below 30 years of age
• To have journalism (online, print, photo, video, radio) and/or blogging experience
• To have a working knowledge of English and/or French. Knowledge of another of the six official United Nations languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish) will be an asset

Selection Process
The selection panel of the UNESCO Section for Youth, Sport and Physical Education is looking for youth journalists and bloggers based upon the above criteria. The final selection will take into consideration the representation from the five UNESCO regions, languages and gender parity.

*Required documents for selection process:
• CV
• A brief cover letter.
• Online articles, videos, etc which prove journalism experience.
• Name and e-mail of two references from people who are familiar with the work of the youth blogger.

Air travel and accommodation for the selected youth journalists and bloggers will be covered by UNESCO.

By reporting on the Youth Forum’s discussions, activities, regional follow-up, and outcomes, the young journalists and bloggers will directly enhance its results.

UNESCO looks forward to receiving your applications! 


  1. I would like to ask whether visa and insurance expenses will also be covered by UNESCO? And what about stay?

  2. Air travel and accommodation will be covered. As for visa, we have no info about this, I guess no. Anyway you should contact the persons directly responsible for enrollment.

  3. I tried to send my application and apparently the email "" is not correct. Why is that?

  4. is the address for applications stated on the official program website It should work. Please try to send once more, maybe there was some email server mistake or smth like that.

  5. I tried several times but every time its failed!! :(

  6. You are doing smth wrong, I've just tried to send them an email and it was sent ok and did not come back. Maybe you should try sending from another mail server? Or check maybe the size of the letter exceeds the permitted size (maybe you attached large videos or so).

  7. And how can I contact the persons directly responsible for enrollment???? can you say their e-mails or some contacts please??

  8. Please read carefully! is the email for applications and questions related to this event! It is stated it the blog, and at the end of the blog post you can see the link "More". Please click it and you will be redirected to the official event page. We are just an information blog, collecting information about different events in one place for your convenience, but we do not have more details apart from those provided on the official event pages!

  9. has anyone got any confirmation of participation from the event organizer??

  10. what about the selected participants??