July 6, 2011

The Best Choice For You: Studying Abroad in High School

When we hear the phrase "semester abroad" most of us think college. While it is most common to study abroad when you are an undergraduate, this is not the only time that students can make this adventure. There are several programs throughout the world geared specifically toward having students study abroad while they are high school students. Also these scholarships for single moms can help get your child through college. In many ways, studying abroad in high school may be a better option for some students and individuals. If you know that you are interested in traveling to another part of the world, studying another language, and going to school in a different learning system, do not limit yourself to only considering this option when you are in college. There are many aspects of studying abroad that lend themselves to doing so as a high school student rather than a college student.

Gaining Early Independence
Undoubtedly, studying abroad can be an enriching and enlightening experience for a student at any stage in their development. Among the many reasons to take a semester abroad as a high school student, one of the more prominent may be that students can gain a stronger sense of independence at a younger age. For many individuals, going away to college is the first opportunity an individual has to live a semi-independent lifestyle. A huge part of college life is adjusting to a living away from home, family, and friends. It is in this endeavor that many college students really struggle. With the tremendous pressure a college curriculum puts on a new student, homesickness can be one of the most detrimental aspects of college life. Travelling abroad while you are still in high school can allow you to gain further independence without having the tremendous pressures of a college curriculum. Furthermore, many study abroad programs geared towards high school students aim to provide a living situation that is more family oriented. Studying abroad before college can help prepare students for college without throwing them immediately into the swallows of colligate living and studying right off the bat.

Looks Great On College Applications
Studying abroad as a high school student can offer huge advantages come college application time. For admissions offices that receive hundreds to thousands of applicants each year, having something that makes a particular individual really stand out can make the decision that much easier. Many admissions officers will see a study abroad program on a high school student's application as a huge plus. Studying abroad as a high school student demonstrates your interest in learning from new experiences and learning about new cultures. Studying abroad as a high school student communicates a strong sense of self initiative and willpower. One of the most desirable traits a student could have is a willingness to push oneself and the capability of self motivation and self inspiration. Taking the initiative to study abroad at a younger age illustrates that you are willing and able to create the experience you want to achieve.

Teaches You about Yourself
Studying abroad at a younger age can also help you to realize some things about what kind of education you would like to pursue after high school. If you travel abroad as a high school student and find it difficult to be that far from your family and hometown, you may decide that you want to attend college closer to home. Furthermore, many other cultures offer a different educational style. You can use your abroad experience to learn what type of learning style suits you best. From there you can better pinpoint what type of higher learning institution fits your needs and wants most directly. In all, studying abroad as a high school student allows you to discover some important things about your learning style and living needs before you have to commit to four years of living and learning that way. 

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