December 2, 2011

TEEME Fellowships 2012

The EACEA (The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, funders of the programme) will award 8 Fellowships for 2012 entry (Category A: 5; Category B: 3). In addition, all EMJDs are invited to compete for further Category A Fellowships in the Western Balkans/Turkey window.

To be admitted to the programme, candidates must present convincing outlines for research projects that are comparative and interdisciplinary in conception, that bear a clear relation to present needs and debates, and that span at least two different linguistic, religious and/or ethnic cultures within Europe, or that relate one European with one non-European culture, in the period 1400 to 1700, or in later political or cultural uses and representations of early modern literature and history. A project on Shakespeare, for instance, would be expected to look beyond formal or philological questions focused on individual plays and consider instead wider cultural issues, such as the relations between the plays and specific historical, social or intellectual dynamics in Europe and beyond, or perhaps Shakespeare’s impact on European, American, African or Asian cultures. 

Eligibility Criteria

Category A Fellowships:
These Fellowships are awarded to doctoral candidates who come from a country other than an EU member state or associated countries and who are neither residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in the EU. The only exception to this rule applies to doctoral candidates who have previously received an Erasmus Mundus masters scholarship in order to follow an EMMC - such students are eligible under this Category. (Note: 'EU member state or associated countries', for the purposes of this Category, includes all EU member states, the EEA-EFTA states Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, plus Turkey, Switzerland, and the Western Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia).

Category B Fellowships: These Fellowships are awarded to doctoral candidates who do not fulfil the Category A criteria listed above. Candidates from the EU will have to apply under this category.

Western Balkan/Turkey window: There may be one or more additional Category A Fellowship available for candidates from Turkey or the Western Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia).

All Erasmus Mundus Fellowship holders on the TEEME programme will benefit from Fellowship contracts covering monthly allowance, holidays, parental leave, social security and pension rights. Health insurance will be provided free of charge by the consortium for all doctoral candidates on the programme.

Details of the Fellowship contracts, including the amount of the monthly allowance, will be available soon. Fellowship holders can expect a monthly net contribution towards their living expenses of c. 2000€.

Other funding options

Candidates will be eligible to apply for targeted research grants as well as partially or fully funded studentships other than Erasmus Mundus at all four partner universities. Specifically, Kent offers a number of PhD studentships each year in all participating departments to both EU and overseas candidates and supports all research students with a minimum allowance for research expenses each year; the Dahlem Research School at FU Berlin offers a range of travel and mobility grants, as well as start-up and completion scholarships to postgraduate students, both EU and international; Porto participates in a variety of national funding schemes to which researchers can apply for small research grants, short-term scholarships and travel expenses; and at Prague students will be able to apply for the grants offered by the Charles University Foundation (GAUK). In addition, students will receive support and guidance to apply for any further funding for which they may be eligible in their home countries.

You do not need to hold an Erasmus Mundus Fellowship to study on TEEME. Applicants who have been offered a place on the programme but were not awarded a Fellowship will have to cover the programme fees (5,000€ p.a. for EU students and 8,000€ p.a. for third-country students) through other means. Erasmus Mundus Fellowship holders do not have to pay these fees as they are included in their EU grant.

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