January 29, 2012

India Youth Forum 2012, New Delhi

The India Youth Forum is the brainchild of the Youth Time Movement, a group of young activists from across 11 countries who have taken it as their mission to craft a new future through active campaigning and dialogue. Our fundamental goal is to motivate and empower the youth of the world.

In the past, Youth Time has organized two youth forums, in 2010 and 2011, on the island of Rhodes in Greece. In total, over 300 young people from 70 different countries participated in these forums. The movement has also successfully conducted an international summer school in the Altai region. Furthermore, in 2011, they also set up a series of remote projects including an international competition on ‘Space and the future of mankind’, which marked the 50th anniversary of the first human flight into outer space. Some 600 works by young and talented architects, designers, web designers and journalists were entered.  Sixty winners got the opportunity to see with their own eyes, and feel, a rocket being sent on a space mission at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Another remote project was called, ‘My dream education’, which enabled us to assemble an ideal representation of youth education in different countries.

Our mission is to continuously challenge ourselves and thus we present to you the India Youth Forum 2012, which will be held from 29 March to 1 April, 2012 in New Delhi.

The theme for the India Youth Forum is ‘My Country of My Dreams’. We live in troubled times and the responsibility has come upon us to not only dream, but put our dreams into action and build the country of our dreams. The time has come for action and we must now move beyond constructive dialogue and implement our knowledge into a reality which will show effective results. Come be a part of this movement and help build ‘My Country of My Dreams’.

The Forum is open to young active people aged 18-30

Participation Fee: 10 Euro. Deadline: 1 February 2012

To participate in the India Youth Forum 2012, please go http://www.indiayouthforum.org and complete the application process. Download and fill in the application form and send it together with a copy of your CV/resume and a covering letter with the motivation behind your desire to participate in the forum to: info@indiayouthforum.org 

For further information do not hesitate to contact info@indiayouthforum.org


  1. my and 3 of my friends fill out everything and we sent our application to the email.
    but we didn't get any notify! is't normal?

  2. Hi I'm Hussein from Iraq:
    me and 3 of my friends fill out all the forums and we sent our application to the email but we didn't get any notify to tell us when we will will know if we were accepted or not, so i wanna ask: when will be notify?!

  3. Hi, please note that we are not responsible in any way for enrolment, we are just an informational resource. I believe they will consider applications for some time before giving final replies.