February 15, 2012

5th International Conference of Law Studies

International Conference of Law Studies is an event that is organised each year by Interdisciplinary Student Association Diplomacy and Law. Four previous editions (two national and two international) aroused great interest and were attended by over 200 students and Ph.D. students from leading universities of Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine Russia, Kazakhstan and Iran.

This year, the conference will be held
on 12th-13th of April at University of Warsaw under the topic "International disputes - a challenge for the contemporary world?" and will be devoted to issues related to international disputes. Differences of opinions and interests are undoubtedly inevitable, natural and necessary as it may lead to joint development and finding better solutions. However, in most cases, conflicts pose a threat to world peace and common coexistence. Therefore, we would like to consider carefully the causes of the disputes, their conduct and methods of their resolution. In our opinion, a special role in this regard, need to be assigned to international law. We would also like to pay attention to main actors of international disputes: States and other entities of international law.

The following issues will be addressed during the conference:
- Provisions of international law governing status, rights and duties of international law entities during conflicts.
- Different methods of dispute resolutions in particular domains concerning international cooperation (e.g. International Trade Law, International Law of the Sea, Law of Outer Space).
- Dispute preventive measures.
- Conventional and alternative methods of dispute resolution (war as a measure of conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation, conciliation, good services, arbitration tribunals, international tribunals).
- Analysis of the various international disputes (case studies).
- Role of the institutions responsible for maintaining peace and resolving conflicts (UN, regional organisations, ICJ, other courts and international tribunals).
- New trends in a dispute resolution domain.

The Conference is addressed to all students and Ph.D. students interested in international law. The conference will be held in two languages: Polish and English. The organizers are planning to publish a post-conference book, composed of articles written by the participants.

Deadline for applications is 1st of March 2012. Foreign participants will be notified if their application was successful within 7 working days from sending the application.

The conference fee is 35 PLN (around 8 EUR). Organisation Committee will also assist in finding accommodation for the time of conference. Information concerning the accommodation will be given individually after acceptance of the application.

Piotr Sosnowski
Organisation Committee
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