April 16, 2013

Global Entrepreneurship Summer School 2013

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the most exciting Summer School around the Globe. Apply now and meet leading entrepreneurial talents from around the world for more than one week in Germany. The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School under the general topic Rethinking Education will take place on Sep 18 – Sep 26, 2013 in Munich.

The vision of the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School is based on the claim „Billion Dollar Projects to Foster Societal Change“. We want to encourage and connect outstanding students from all over the world to challenge society’s problems by entrepreneurial means. We want the students to think big and contribute to sustainable change in the dimension of billion. The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School is a collaborative project of the four leading university-based Entrepreneurship Centers in Munich – that’s why we believe in the power of entrepreneurial thinking for a better und sustainable future.

During the Summer School the student teams develop ideas that have both a sustainable impact for society and a self-sustaining, profitable business model. The students learn about entrepreneurship, develop their own sustainable business ideas and build a long-lasting network of international excellent and entrepreneurial students. The Global Entrepreneurship Summer Schools fosters the important role of education, entrepreneurship and networking for a sustainable development.

Who can apply?
You have to be enrolled in any university at any time during 2013 and you have to be between 18 – 27 years old. Example: If you are enrolled only until February 2013 you can apply even if you won’t be enrolled in September 2013.”Enrolled” applies in our definition also to MBA or PhD students.

Application process
This year we will accept 35 outstanding students from around the world who will get an invitation to Munich. In addition we will accept 15 virtual participants. All applications will go through a very strict, but fair selection process. The deadline for Early Bird applications will be April 30, 2013. The regular deadline will be May 31, 2013 (GMT -12). We will inform everybody at the latest during the last week of June about their application status.

Participants won’t have to pay for their accommodation. We will provide accommodation from Sep 17 until Sep 27 either in the guesthouse of the LMU or at other places such as appartments of other participants from Munich.

Global Scholarships
International students who are invited to Munich will automatically receive a travel scholarship. The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School will contribute 50% of your total travel costs (mostly flight tickets) up to a cap of € 500,-. Just to remind you, accommodation, travel during your stay and lots of food during the week is also included!

Food & travel in Munich
We will provide you for free some exclusive dinners as well as many snacks and coffee during the whole week. In addition we will cover your travel expenses for the public transport in Munich throughout the whole week.

We will charge a tutuion fee of € 79,- for early bird applicants and € 119,- for regular applicants per selected participant. (Note: Previously we mentioned here that this only applies to students from Germany. We changed that recently due to the following reason: For our international guests the fee covers part of the the medical insurance including an ambulance transport or even a emergency transfer back home. We will get back to those applicants who have applied before 26.03. if you get selected on how to handle that individually.)

If you are a student from Germany and you can provide accommodation to an international participant you won’t have to pay a tuition fee – no matter when you apply.

Please apply here with your CV and motivational letter (max. around 200 words) as PDF attachments.
If you have any questions please please send a mail to info@globalsummerschool.org

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