October 24, 2013

The International Youth Forum 2013 in Lutsk

The International Youth Forum in Lutsk (Ukraine) will take place on 30 November – 01 December 2013. The Forum organizers aim to create the conditions necessary for the exchange of experience and cooperation between youth organizations around the world. Within two days of the Forum various presentations, discussions, trainings and tours around the ancient city of Lutsk will be held. The organizers will provide participants of the Youth Forum with meals and accommodation, as well as interpreters and a guide for each delegation.

The Forum agenda is quite rich, consisting of the Forum events and competitions among the participants. The program will determine the winners in the following categories : “Best presentation of the NGO” , “Best Video Clip of the NGO”, “Best Poster of the Event” and others. The winners will receive gifts or financial rewards. The program of the Forum is a series of round tables with the guests of honor of the event. Together with the participants of the forum they will discuss current issues that apply to young people and common European future.

Special attention will be paid to the discussion of the European integration processes and Association Agreement with the EU. These topics are to increase the competence of the youth in relations between the EU and Ukraine. We understand the importance of them and fully support initiatives that contribute to the convergence of Ukraine with the EU.

The International Youth Forum in Lutsk is an opportunity to gain new experience and learn about new solutions for the development of your organization and establish necessary contacts for the future cooperation with other organizations. In addition, it is a good opportunity to visit the ancient Ukrainian city with nearly a thousand years of history. So, we invite youth organizations of various orientations to join the International Youth Forum in Lutsk and present your organization internationally.

The Lutsk Forum will be a kind of 21st century congress of young monarchs like back in 1429 when Lutsk hosted a congress of European monarchs.

Who Can Apply?
Participation in the Forum is open to non-governmental organizations around the world, initiative groups, public figures. You don’t necessarily have to be a registered institution, but you can be a group of social activists etc.

Participation in the Forum is free. The organizers will provide meals and accommodation. Transport travel costs (for foreigners) are partially covered for the eagers through short-term grants from organizations.

How To Apply?
Application must be submitted electronically. Applications are accepted on youth.forum.lutsk2013@gmail.com (subject: forum) by 19 November 2013.

For more information, please contact youth.forum.lutsk@gmail.com or visit the official website.

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