April 24, 2014

iversity STUDY ANYWHERE Scholartrip

Win a Scholartrip to your dream destination and a new MacBook! How it works: Take an iversity course to participate. Invite friends to increase your chances. If you win, you will get a plane ticket to a destination of your choice, a new MacBook Air  and spending money for room and board so you can take our courses wherever you want. Details below.

At iversity, we believe in the transformative power of online education. That's why we want to enable as many people as possible to benefit from our free online courses. Unfortunately, reaching out to millions of people around the globe is easier said than done. 

This is where you come in!
Help us spread the word about iversity and invite your friends to sign up for one of our courses. The more of your friends sign up and the more active you guys are, the higher the chance you will win the iversity STUDY ANYWHERE Scholartrip.

How can you win the Scholartrip?
Take a course!
Whenever you watch a video in one of your courses we record that you've made some progress. From now on every chapter you complete counts in the Scholartrip lottery. 

Invite your friends!
Invite your friends to take one of our free courses. You will receive one point for every friend of yours that signs up using your personal invitation link. The more the merrier!  

Study together!
All of the chapters your friends complete count towards your total score. So you can increase your chances of winning the iversity STUDY ANYWHERE Scholartrip by studying together.

This is what you will get:
  • Your Scholartrip
    Studying on iversity does not tie you to a specific location. You can study anywhere and we are giving you everything you need to do just that: a flight, a Macbook and some pocket money.
  • 1500€ Travel Allowance
    Haven't we all dreamt about studying at the beach? This summer we are turning that dream into reality. Win a travel allowance of 1500€ to a destination of your choice.
  • Your Macbook Air
    With your brand new MacBook Air you can take your iversity courses with you. Be it a café in Paris, a chalet in the mountains or a hut on the beach. Take great online courses. Wherever you are.
  • 4500€ Bursary
    You will receive a stipend of 1500 € per month for room and board for up to three months. This stipend is meant to permit you to live comfortably during your time abroad as well as to enable you to explore your destination.
  • Your CV
    Spreading the word about free online education is a great extracurricular activity. And winning a scholarship for doing so will look great on your CV. A Scholartrip surely makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Your Karma
    Last but certainly not least: You are helping others by giving them the opportunity to take university courses online and for free. In so doing, you are giving them an opportunity they would otherwise miss.
Participate:  https://iversity.org/studyanywhere?locale=en


  1. Hello, this link to participate doen't work

  2. It is a correct link. Just copy-paste it in the address line of your browser and that is.