March 12, 2010

Master's Scholarships at Maastricht University

Maastricht University invites applications for the 2010-2011 Master programs in various fields: Arts&Culture, Behavioural & Political Science, Business & Economics, Education, Health & Life Sciences, Law, etc.  

Maastricht University (UM) is a European university with a strong international outlook. Cherishing and stimulating talented people and creating opportunities for innovative education and research relevant to today’s society are our core values. 

To study in Maastricht is to study with an international perspective. When compared to other universities in the Netherlands and its surrounding countries, Maastricht University has the highest ratio of international students, representing all corners of the globe. More than half of our master's students come from outside the Netherlands, and this international flavour is infused into every aspect of our education and student life.

The diversity of students at Maastricht University is not only a reflection of its quality and location but also of the diversity of programmes offered. Across the internationally accredited, award-winning faculties, Maastricht University has striven to offer the widest range of graduate programmes possible to suit all major areas of study. We also work to offer programmes for full-time students as well as practicing professionals.

A notable element of our programmes that sets them apart from other continental European universities is that nearly all of the graduate programmes are offered in English.


The application requirements vary for each master's programme. For detailed information, please refer to the information under the master's programme of your choice. Some master’s programmes require you to first apply via Studielink, the application portal for higher education in the Netherlands. After that you can finish your application to Maastricht University via the My UM portal

Deadlines for applying for most of the programs:
  • EU/EEA students: 1 August 2010
  • Non-EU/EEA students who need a visa or residence permit: 1 April 2010

Maastricht University aims at continuously improving its quality as a global institution. The Maastricht University Scholarship Programme enables us to live up to this ambition, as it is intended to stimulate talented non-EEA students to pursue master's programmes and other programmes in Maastricht.

Scholarships for master's students include the UM High Potential Scholarship Programme, UM Company Scholarships, Friends Make the Difference Scholarships and the chance for the top 3% of UM students to study tuition-free. Furthermore, we promote scholarship programmes offered by external institutions and organisations. Go here to find the scholarships for prospective master's.

There is also the possibility to find scholarships based on the faculty where you would like to study. In addition, we list several scholarships that are organised by country or region of origin. Both of these can be found in the general scholarships section of the University website.

If you have questions regarding the application procedure, you can send an email to:

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