March 26, 2010

World Youth Conference in Mexico

In the context of the International Year of Youth, Mexico invites you to participate in the World Youth Conference (WYC 2010) that will take place in Mexico City from August 23 to 27, 2010

The main objective of the WYC Mexico 2010 will be the creation of a declaration that represents the voice of the world's youth, concerning the main 11 subjects of the Conference: poverty and exclusion, employment, education, technology and innovation, health, gender equality, security, social justice and human rights, sustainable development, international migration, citizen's participation and incidence, and global cooperation.

Organizers are looking for an equitable participation of the NGOs of Member States of the United Nations in a number of people that can make it possible for a discussion and an establishment of agreements. Two NGOs will be selected for each country with one representative of the NGO.

The WYC Mexico 2010 will be composed of 3 main events that will be interconnected, each representing the actors involved in strengthening the young people's participation in the development of the future: the Governments Forum, the Legislators Forum and the Social Forum (the latter is composed of the Global NGOs Meeting and the Global Youth Village).

The Conference will start with the NGO Global Meeting. The aim of the NGO Global Meeting is to identify action priorities about youth to be attended in the international agenda of development further than the Millennium Development Goals. This meeting will host more than 420 participants that will generate a recommendation document which will be delivered to the Governments Forum at the beginning of their work on Wednesday, August 25th so that it can be considered in their deliberations. Likewise, the recommendation document will be delivered to the Parliamentarians Forum with the aim of including in their deliberations the demands and necessities identified during the NGO Global Meeting.

Participation requirements:
  • 1.-  Participants must be nominated by a Youth Organization that fulfills the following criteria:
    • a. To respect the cultural, religious and ideological diversity of the human kind, including the human rights and to show the will of contributing to the accomplishments of the Millennium Development Goals and the World Programme of Action for Youth.
    • b. To have efficient and effective programs that are focused in youth and development that have an impact at a local, national and/or international level.
  • 2. - You must be between 18 and 35 years before April 9th, 2010.
Deadline for applications is April 9th 2010.

For more information on how to apply please visit:

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