June 21, 2011

International Summer School “Beyond Enlargement. The Wider Europe and the New Neighbourhood”

The 17th CEI International Summer School “Beyond Enlargement. The Wider Europe and the New Neighborhood” CEI International Summer School will take place in Faenza, Italy, from Sunday 4th to Saturday 17th September 2011.

Since 1995 the “Europe and the Balkans International Network – Centre for Eastern European and Balkan Studies”, established by the University of Bologna, has been organising a yearly Summer School for post-graduate students from Eastern Europe and from the European Union. Up to the ninth edition, held in 2003, the School was entitled “Post-Communist Transition and European Integration Processes”. Starting from 2004 the School has the title: “Beyond Enlargement. The Wider Europe and the New Neighbourhood”. This title change is explained by the enlargement of the EU towards ten East European Countries in 2004, seven of them belonging to the CEI area that represents the conclusion of the so called “post-communist transition”, at least for this part of Eastern Europe.

The recent policy of the EU on “Greater Europe and the New Neighbourhood” offers new rooms for an interaction between the CEI and the EU strategic goals, and this will be taken into serious consideration in the School programmes as well as in the selection of the students.

The aim of the summer school is to help participants learn about democratic developments, human rights, peace and security issues, and European integration.

In particular the 2011 will offer an arena for exchange experiences as well as tools for strengthening the actions of activists in the Central and SEE Region, for fighting against discrimination (within the broader framework of Diversity Management) and spreading new sense of economic development (with a special reference to Green Economy and Sustainable development).


The 2011 School will offer 2 different courses:

Course A: Diversity Management, Governance and the Role of Civil Society Networks

  • CSOs Network: challenges and perspectives on the CEI area
  • The Role of Deliberative Forums in deeply divided societies
  • Civil Society Organisation contribution to EU Regional strategies
  • Fighting against discriminations: The Rule of Law and CSO ‘dog-watching’ activities
  • Fighting against discriminations: Gender Policy and Nationalism
  • Fighting against discriminations: Diversity management in multi-religious countries
  • Fighting against discriminations: the Roma in the Western Balkans

Course B: Sustainable Development, Green Economy and the Role of Civil Society Networks

  • Awareness-raising impact of CSOs Network on Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change and CSOs in a European Perspective
  • Sustainable Energy Governance in the Western Balkans
  • Cross-border cooperation (CBC) initiatives: a civil society paradigm
  • Regional economic strategies: the Danube Cooperation Process, the Central European initiative and the Adriatic Ionian Initiative
  • European Investments opportunities for a sustainable economy
  • Sustainability issues in rural and agricultural policy
  • Territorial capital and diversification for a new rural paradigm
Participants will attend the courses split in two groups, one per area. Courses will be held in Faenza (Ravenna), Italy, and will include 70 hours of lectures, seminars and workshops. Moreover, both courses will be supplemented by some interdisciplinary events, scheduled inside the courses calendar. The subjects of these meetings will concern topics of politics, international dimension and the role of the European Institutions, potential cooperation with New Neighbourhood Eastwards and inter-regional relations in South East Europe.

The students whose overall performance is positively evaluated by their tutors will receive a certificate endorsed by the University of Bologna, with 6 ECTS credits. 

Eligibility, Scholarships and Fees

Scholarships: only participants which are representatives of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and NGOs and with citizenships from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo Turkey, are eligible for scholarships that cover both the course fees and the board and lodging (in double or triple rooms). The candidates with citizenships from above-mentioned countries which are also currently representatives of CSOs will be automatically considered for scholarships. The scholarship covers accommodation expenses (board and lodging) in Faenza starting from the dinner of September 4th to the breakfast of September 17th included and contribution for the travel expenses. Additional overnight stays or additional meals must be paid directly by the participants.

Fees: € 950 fee is applied for EU and Overseas participants. The fee includes: board and lodging expenses in Faenza (from dinner in the evening of September 4th to the breakfast of September 17th), didactic materials, tuition, and free access to Internet. Please note that the travel expenses must be covered separately by the admitted students themselves.

How to Apply

Deadline for application: 28th June 2011 is the strict deadline set for receiving the properly completed:
  • Application form,
  • Curriculum vitae European Format,
  • Letter of endorsement from your CSO.
Interested applicants can register and apply on the website of the summer school.

Further information:
Ms. Dessislava Krasteva
e-mail: dessislava.krasteva@unibo.it
Ms. Luciana Moretti
e-mail: luciana.moretti@unibo.it

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CEI International Summer School
via San Giovanni Bosco, 1, Faenza, Italy
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