June 7, 2010

Neuwaldegg Summer Seminar 2010

Applications are now open for Neuwaldegg Summer Seminar, which will be held on August 8th-15th, 2010 at Neuwaldegg Castle in Vienna, Austria.

The Neuwaldegg Summer Seminar is the annual signature conference of the Neuwaldegg Institute. This week-long learning experience is designed to focus the attention of participants from a variety of fields upon key ideas and concepts that are fundamental to every free society. A team of professors with expertise in different aspects of philosophy will present a wide array of issues to stimulate reflection on the key elements of a stable democracy and genuine freedom.

For the last 8 years, every year 70 students from 28 countries of Central and Eastern Europe participate in the Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe's summer seminar at the Neuwaldegg Institute in Vienna. This year, students, graduate students, and assistant professors from a variety of liberal arts disciplines including psychology, philosophy, politics, business, economics, and law are invited to apply for lectures in Economics, Ethics, Bio-Ethics, Political Philosophy and Metaphysics.

The five course format is as follows:
Economics – Dr. José Piñera
Ethics – Dr. Roger Scruton
Bio-Ethics – Dr. Patrick Derr
Political Philosophy – Dr. Michael Pakaluk
Metaphysics – Fr. Marcel Guarnizo
(with guest lecturer: Mr. Declan Ganley CEO-Rivada Networks)

This year's Summer Seminar provides a unique opportunity to study the fundamental principles ideas and forces that have shaped modern liberal society, its history, identity and challenges. We are especially pleased to welcome Dr. José Piñera, architect of Chile's renowned social security and pension reform, as a lecturer in economics.

Interested persons should register and apply at: http://eicee2.org/e_person_data.php.

Applications are due by July 1st. Please do not forget to apply as well as register. The application form can be found online or can be requested from: hanssem@eicee.org. Applications will be reviewed in the order that they arrive so apply soon.

Neuwaldegg Institute will grant scholarships for selected participants that will cover your lodging, food, books, and the cost of the lectures for the entire week.

Please note that expenses for travel to and from the Neuwaldegg Institute for the seminar are not provided for by the Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe or the Neuwaldegg Institute. If accepted, just get there and the rest is covered!

For further details please contact Mark Hanssen at conference@neuwaldegg-institute.org  or hanssenm@eicee.org.


  1. can high school students apply?

  2. Dear student,
    please refer all your questions regarding the program to Mark Hanssen at conference@neuwaldegg-institute.org or hanssenm@eicee.org. We are not responsible for any enrollment. Thanks for understanding.