June 2, 2010

Belgrade Summer School 2010

Belgrade Summer School (BSS) is an annual international language school taking place in Belgrade and Serbia. This year it is organised in two sessions, two weeks each,  from 12 July to 8 August 2010 (12-25 July and 26 July-8 August). Belgrade Summer School is an event gathering young people from across the world with the aim of getting them to know Belgrade and Serbia, places of great cultural and historical heritage, as well as enhancing their communicational skills.

BSS is a national event with international participants. Students have the opportunity to improve on their knowledge of a language of their choice through an intensive two-week programme, with the help of lecturers certified by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). Belgrade Summer School offers 10 languages to choose from (Serbian, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, Chinese and Arabic), each with two levels of knowledge.

The BSS 2010 programme is divided into two parts: educational and social. The first is comprised of 30-hour language study sessions, whereas the second includes full-day and half-day guided tours of Belgrade and Serbia, which enables participants to get familiar with the culture and history of the country.

The main goals of Belgrade Summer School are as follows:
1. Bringing together young people from abroad who will get to know our country and the locals alike and form long-lasting relationships with other participants.
2. Enabling the members of the Serbian Diaspora to participate in the programme for learning their mother tongue during the summer and deepen their knowledge of Serbian culture, customs and history.
3. Introducing vocational trainings for young people for who the knowledge of foreign languages is a prerequisite for a successful career.
The mission of BSS is to enhance international communication through inter-cultural youth exchange in the same fashion as any other summer schools throughout the world, the BSS project is conceived to contribute to the multi-level improvement of its participants: professional, cultural and social.

The registration will be opened until June 15. Please register as soon as possible as the number of places is limited.

Check out the course fees and the rest of details here: http://www.belgradesummer.org/english/index_en.php.

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