June 4, 2010

Jim Ellert MBA Scholarships, IMD Business School, Switzerland

IMD, "International Institute for Management Development," Lausanne, Switzerland, offers Jim Ellert MBA Scholarships for successful MBA applicants who can demosntate their financial need. Jim Ellert MBA Scholarships are intended to attract students from Africa, Central and Eastern Europe (including all former Soviet republics), and the South-Eastern Asian Peninsula (Thailand, Myramar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia).

Field of study: Master in Business Administration

Scholarship value/inclusions: CHF 20,000

Eligibility: Accepted candidates who demonstrate strong financial need (with preference given to women). Candidates will also be considered on the basis of merit as per the quality of their admission application. All scholarship applicants must submit an essay on the following topic: ‘Why I would like to do an MBA at IMD’ (maximum 500 words).

Applicants must have been accepted into the IMD MBA program prior to their application.

Scholarship applications are essay based, with winning essays typically including the following features:
* Relevance to the essay title
* Organization and structure
* Fully developed arguments
* Persuasiveness
* Personal element and/or passion

Deadline: The deadline for scholarship applications is 30 September annually.

For further information please go to: http://www.imd.ch/programs/mba/fees/scholarships/Jim-Ellert.cfm 


  1. Thanks Jim Ellert.

    Am a Tanzanian holding BSc. in Building Economics (2008), Overall GPA 4.7. Am I eligible to apply?

  2. Dear, please refer all your questions to the program coordinators, since we are just an information resource and are not responsible for enrollment to any programs. Thanks for your understanding and good luck!