October 12, 2012

How to Apply for a Grant and Get Awards and Funding for Your Project

You may have a project that you want to put out there but don’t have the means and funding for it. You may also like to join exhibitions and competitions to build your portfolio and expand your network. Fortunately, there are ways you can get the funding you need. There is probably a local competition or opportunity for you to gain awards. Several international organizations also offer grants and awards for outstanding projects and concepts. Here are some tips on how you can take advantage of a great opportunity.

Search Online

Find out what are offered by various organizations. Search online. If you can subscribe to newsletters and magazines related to your project or field of expertise, this will help you be up to date with any kind of opportunity. Social networking sites may also help. Join forums and expand your affiliations to easily be updated and informed of any open calls or grant applications. There are a lot of organizations willing to give funding to any deserving individual. Your researching skills will be put to good use here.

Be Eligible

It’s not enough that you apply and join every time. You have to “dress” to impress. While waiting for any opportunity, build your portfolio, gather more info, come up with more great ideas, and create more projects. If you want funding for your full-length film, for example, at least be able to provide samples like screenplays, scripts, or short films that can show your capacity, experience, and skill. Any individual has the chance to get grants and funding. Competitions are also a good way to build a name in an industry or land an awesome job. A travel blogger, writer or photographer can join competitions to be featured in a magazine.

Have a bank of ideas and concepts that you can later use when the opportunity comes. When organizations or groups look at your portfolio and application, they must be impressed and convinced that you are a great candidate for their grant or award.

The Bigger Picture

To increase your chances of being awarded a grant or provided funding, let your project or concept have a humanitarian cause or leaning towards community development and awareness. Try not to always lean towards self-motivation or to further your career. Yes, it’s all part of your personal goals, but the project can always be for the greater good of the community, public, and the organization, too. And, let's face it. Many organizations really prefer a good cause.

Author's Bio: Lincoln Davis knows all about trophies and what makes a good sports trophy design. He has been working in the trophy business for many years. You can visit his site at http://www.awardsandtrophies.com.au.


  1. This is very helpful text. Do you maybe have some links of current project-funding competitions where we can apply as youth NGO?

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  3. any way am an inspector as a carrier want funding assistant to do HND or BSC am a gambian really like the field of food safety.