October 14, 2012

How to Arrange the Process of Self-Education?

Self-education is basically defined as an education that is required outside educational institutions independently. However, the definition has changed considerably. Self-education now means that students are using their own abilities to teach themselves.

Students apply their own knowledge and prepare themselves. Self-educated students have high level of problem solving skills and abilities. They are not dependent and appear more confidents. Schools and colleges are also seeking new ways to enhance this quality amongst students. 

The origin of self-education
Often teachers leave some ambiguous terms and ask the students to prepare themselves. The curiosity amongst students leads them to study more and look for other resources to understand the material.

The process of self-education itself can be challenging. The downside of self-education is that, especially at schools, students might learn some things which are not required or interpret wrongly. The process should include an activity that could harness the development of self-awareness. 

Advices for effective self-education
The process should also be able to support the educational activities, monitoring it continuously and analyzing it for further improvements. It is necessary to have the controlling ability. The process should not be open to outside influence, rather have the control over learning activities. 

The process also has to be able to adapt to different and sometimes unique ways and methods of teaching. The process should also have the capability to find the weaknesses of individuals. Only if the weaknesses and the deficiencies are found, the process of applying self-education will be successful. Lastly, the allocation and provision of important resources are necessary to harness the abilities and skills of an individual. People who use such a process are termed as autodidacts. 

How to develop the self-education?
The first thing required to develop such a process is to look for online and book resources. There are many websites that offer lectures of millions of subjects. Local libraries have many books on subjects and you only need to see which one makes you comfortable.

Self-education is no science, but it is definitely an art. The first thing that schools, parents and communities must understand is that informal learning is also a part of learning. Self-education programs must be organized in utmost systematic manners. It should be strategized properly and implemented with open minds. There should be utmost respect for informal or self-learning. There is no set structure or course guideline to study; however, they must be able to get the support required from important resources.

Communication for self-education
Another important thing about applying the process of self-education is that there should be centralized teaching hubs. Groups of students should meet up to discuss about various subjects. The flow of information and exchange of ideas could help develop new insights into learning. 

If an individual is focussing on their own idea, they might not be respecting the whole process of self-education itself. An individual must be open to new ideas. Thus, by being facilitated by such sources, an individual is more likely to have important information and a more clear idea of a concept.

Funds for self-education
The process of self-education includes the need of support in terms of funding. The funds could come from private institutions, parents, schools, etc. An individual needs ample time and resources to successfully manage the process of self-education.

Reading is an important part of applying self-education itself. There are many books, scholarly articles and practical examples of applying the process of self-education. There are many guides available online as well as in libraries which could help you get started from somewhere. 

Self-education process can become frustrating at parts. It becomes frustrating when an individual might not find some resource or feels stuck somewhere. However, wise individuals need to be persistent in the way of getting self-education. They go on to become high achievers. As individuals do not depend on anyone, they feel more empowered and know that the learning process is an on-going process. 

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