July 7, 2010

International Summer Camp "Lessons of Liberty", Georgia

International Summer Camp "Lessons of Liberty IV" will be conducted by New Economic School of Georgia in cooperation with International Society of Individual Liberty (ISIL) in hotel “Tbilisi”, resort Bakuriani,  on August 6-12, 2010.

It covers the classical liberal philosophy and history of economic thought, principles of market economics and applied economics. The aim of the School is to encourage and challenge free and critical thinking of the young generation.

Eligibility for the Summer Camp: participants from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and any other country can take part in the summer camp.

Lecturers at the summer camp:
1. Andy Eyschen, ISIL, Australia:
-History of Classical Liberalism;
-Human Progress, Trans- and Post-Humanism;
-Private Property;
-Size of the Government;
-Freedom from the Taxation;
-Free Market Economics;
-Vision 2020 for Georgia; Privatization - the Malaysian Experience.

2. Kevin Bornson, ISIL, USA
-The Origins of Government and Law;
-Natural Law (Jus Naturale) as the Basis for Liberty and Responsibility;
-The Law of Nations as a system of common law that approximates natural law;
-Foundation of Greco-Roman civilization in the synthesis of Stoicism and Jus Gentium;
-The Roman Republic system of common law as a model for the EU;
-Practical aspects of starting and running a retail store;
-Ayn Rand and the liberty movement.

3. Avigdor Jardeni, Associate Scholar of NESG:
-Methodological differences between Austrian School and Mainstream Economics,
-Copyright Myth,
-Environmental Alarmism,
-Economic Reforms in Israel.

4. Akaki Tsomaia, Associate Professor, Ilia University; Associate Scholar of NESG:
-Georgia Financial Markets;
-Monetary System;
-Economics and the Taxes

5. Murtaz Kvirkvaia, Dean at Grigol Robakidze University; Associate Scholar, NESG:
-Georgia Human Resources Management;
-Social Policy.

6. George Chikovani, Project Coordinator, NESG, Georgia:
-Freedom of Choice,
-Problem of Individual Freedom;
-Globalization and Freedom.

7. Nino Gorgadze Project Manager, NESG, Georgia:
-Theory of Monopoly;
-Theory of Regulations;
-Agriculture and Food Safety.

8. Gia Jandieri, Vice-President, New Economic School - Georgia:

9. Paata Sheshelidze, President, New Economic School - Georgia:
-Georgia Exchange and Money,
-Regulatory State,
-Interventionist State,
-Economic Reforms in Georgia and Economic Freedom of World Ranking.

10. George Chkhikvadze, Project Coordinator, NESG, Georgia:
-Justice and Justness;
-Democracy or Progress.

11. Tengiz Verulava, MD, PhD, Full Professor of Department of Health Economics& Insurance, School of public Health, The University of Georgia:
-Georgia Liberalism and health care.

To apply for the Summer Camp you simply need to send your CV to the following email address: chkhikvadze@gmail.com.

Participation fee is equivalent to 50 USD (sum should be transferred to NESG account after confirmation of participation from organizers. Account number will be provided individually).

Deadline for submitting CV's: 30th of July, 2010, 18:00.

Don't hesitate to contact Mr. George Chkhikvadze at any concern. Cell phone: +995 93 280433

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