December 9, 2013

Global Change Leaders Program 2014

The Global Change Leaders Program is a seven-week education program offered by Coady Institute’s International Centre for Women’s Leadership. This program enables women from developing countries to strengthen their leadership capacities in order to contribute to innovation and change in their organizations and communities.  Program participants engage in learning grounded in real world experiences and focused on Coady’s core thematic areas. Through a shared learning environment with other emerging women leaders from around the world, participants are exposed to a range of experiences and the beginnings of a potentially lifelong network of support.

December 3, 2013

Merit Next Leadership Development Program

This unique program will support 120 young people to develop and to use their talent in the spheres of Entrepreneurship, Business, Science & Technology, Media, Culture and Politics & Public Service through mentoring with professionals and networking with peers. It is year-long leadership development program for people of merit from around the world selected after completing a series of global challenges designed to showcase their commitment to making a positive impact in their community.

In June 2014, the Merit Next Fellows will convene in the U.K. (London & Liverpool) for two weeks of inspiration, aspiration assessment, and team building. Before departing for their home countries, the participants will be divided into 10 teams and assigned a project to find an innovative and sustainable market-driven solution to a pressing global concern (e.g., environmental sustainability, access to health care and education, childhood hunger, and youth unemployment). 

November 24, 2013

2014 Millennium Youth Camp

Jump at the opportunity to apply for the 2014 Millennium Youth Camp and maybe you will be among our new bunch of lovely and talented campers who will meet each other face-to-face first time in Finland on 3 June 2014. The one-week long camp ends on 11 June. AND REMEMBER: all your costs (including flights) will be covered!

The International Millennium Youth Camp is a free of charge programme addressed to young people worldwide interested in mathematics, natural sciences, information technology and other sciences. The camp focuses on these themes: environmental science and technology; climate change; renewable natural resources and energy; water; information and communication technology and digitalisation; and applied mathematics. It includes lectures, workshops, visits to companies and universities and time for social activities. The camp will take place on 3 – 11 June 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.

November 19, 2013

Cambridge Law Faculty PhD Studentships for 2014

The Law Faculty of the University of Cambridge is offering up to 3 studentships for new PhD students commencing doctoral research in 2014/15. The value of a Scholarship will be up to £20,000 each year for three years. They are available for Home UK/EU and Overseas students undertaking full time research towards a PhD in private law, corporate law or tax law, with annual renewal subject to satisfactory academic performance. Studentships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and research potential.
The studentships include a requirement that scholars contribute to the Law Faculty as part of their research training, in the form of providing up to 10 hours a week of teaching (in term time) on the LLM in private law papers (International Commercial Litigation, Law of Restitution, Commercial Equity), corporate law papers (Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Insolvency), or tax law papers (International Commercial Taxation).

November 11, 2013

November Opportunities for Young Media Makers

Middle East and North Africa Committee call for team members 
Deadline: November 18th, 23:59 CET
Interested in the media, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa? Our Middle East and North Africa committee, menac, is looking for new team members!
Find the call here

Europe and Me: Young Journalists Award  
Deadline postponed: November 15th
Fed up of reading the same old Euro crisis articles? The Europe & Me Young Journalist Award is giving young Europeans the chance to win a €500 cash prize, online publication, and an invitation to a journalism workshop in Berlin or Hamburg for writing about Europe in a fresh, personal and transnational way! E&M is looking for engaging journalistic articles of 1500–2000 words, written by under-30s from the EU, partner and neighbouring countries, who are not professionally employed as a journalist. Submissions can be on any European topic as long as it’s approached transnationally (in a way that makes it directly relevant to at least two European countries). We suggest you read the latest E&M magazine to get ideas!
For more information, please visit 

November 1, 2013

2nd International Summer Academy in Peace-Building & Intercultural Dialogue

Institute for Peace and Dialogue (IPD) is glad to announce its next International Summer Academy in Peace-building & Intercultural Dialogue, which is going to be held in Baar, Switzerland, on 17.08 - 27.08.2014. Its image as one of the most favourable places for traveling has made it more interesting to offer an exited and comprehensive program for our participants. Our experts, who are professionals in their fields will contribute to this event, with many years of experience in peace and conflict studies.    

October 31, 2013

University of Groningen Talent Grant

The Eric Bleumink Fund awards scholarships to talented students and young researchers from developing countries. Such scholarships enable them to further develop as individuals and to make important contributions to the development of their own countries. Since 2000, the year the fund was started, the EBF has handed out over 40 scholarships. This means more than 40 young, ambitious and very talented people were able to follow an additional study at the University of Groningen. Here they were introduced to an academic culture, libraries and  international contacts they are often lacking in their homeland.

The grant is awarded for a 1 year or 2 years Master’s degree programme at the University of Groningen. The grant covers tuition fee, costs of international travel, subsistence, books, and health insurance. Please note that a considerable number of students apply for this scholarship each year, whereas the University can issue only a limited number of grants.

October 24, 2013

The International Youth Forum 2013 in Lutsk

The International Youth Forum in Lutsk (Ukraine) will take place on 30 November – 01 December 2013. The Forum organizers aim to create the conditions necessary for the exchange of experience and cooperation between youth organizations around the world. Within two days of the Forum various presentations, discussions, trainings and tours around the ancient city of Lutsk will be held. The organizers will provide participants of the Youth Forum with meals and accommodation, as well as interpreters and a guide for each delegation.

October 22, 2013

October Opportunites For Youth Media Makers

Middle East and North Africa Committee call for team members 
Deadline: November 5th

Interested in media, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa? Apply as a voluntary team member of the Middle East and North Africa Committee (menac) of the European Youth Press. The committee works to enhance the voices of young journalists and media-makers from across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, to promote intercultural dialogue and the development of a better contextualisation of the respective regions.

For more information, please see the call on

Media Agenda Talks, London School of Economics, London Autumn 2013  
Each autumn the journalism think tank Polis invites a dozen media practitioners to discuss the latest trends as part of their yearly Media Agenda Talk series of public lectures. This year, speakers include Tom Standage, Digital Editor at the Economist, Amanda Farnsworth, Head of BBC Visual Journalism and many more. The event is free and open for all.

October 15, 2013

BayernMUN 2014

bayernMUN is a Model United Nations Conference that is held in Germany and offers first-class facilities, challenging topics, a competent chair, an environment conducive to professional negotiations and a chance to prove your skills to recruiters and even to find a job. bayernMUN offers a unique Model UN experience by allowing you to work and negotiate together with a colleague delegate, representing the diplomatic interest of your chosen country in a large committee. Our competent conference staff will ensure fair and interesting negotiations, always with an open ear for your needs.

October 3, 2013

Quota Scheme Scholarships

The Norwegian government provides scholarships for students from developing countries and countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia through the Quota Scheme. The objective of the scheme is to promote the internationalisation of higher education. Currently, the scheme provides full scholarships for a total of 1 100 students, of which 800 are from developing countries and 300 from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Each year universities and university colleges in Norway are allocated a certain number of quota students. The scheme normally includes courses taught in English at Master’s and PhD level, in addition to certain professional degrees. 

September 27, 2013

Eastern Partnership and the EU: On the Way to a Deeper Cooperation

The 2nd National Selection Conference of EYP Armenia on “Eastern Partnership and the EU: On the Way to a Deeper Cooperation” will take place on 1-3rd November, 2013 in Yerevan, Armenia. More than 100 delegates from all regions of the country and abroad will come together for this three-day program to discuss the specified topic under the motto “I.D.E.A: Initiate, Debate, Empower, Advocate”.

The session will be hosted by one of the best and well-equipped universities in Yerevan, American University of Armenia. In the scope of the National Selection Conference, the delegation of 3 people will also be chosen based on the Independent Jury’s assessment and the voting of the 100 delegates to represent Armenia at the 75th International Session of European Youth Parliament in Riga, Latvia in March of 2014.

September 17, 2013

Mawista Scholarships for Extraordinary Personalities 2013/2014

Diversity enriches the educational landscape. Therefore, Mawista wants to provide students with unconventional curriculum vitas with the necessary support to fulfill their educational aspirations. The main focus is on the applicant’s personality and personal background rather than hard criteria like GPA or length of study. To apply for this scholarship, you have to show us how your extraordinary personality contributes to the diversity in the educational landscape:
  • You have changed your field of study multiple times but have finally found your true calling?
  • You are a long-term student and proud of it?
  • You grew up in a commune but decided to study business administration?
  • You came from China to Germany in order to study vitriculture?
  • In your high-school diploma you had a D in mathematics but decided to study the subject nevertheless?
  • You had to break down extraordinary barriers to reach your goals?

September 14, 2013

Oxford Undergraduate Scholarships for Low Income Countries

A number of Reach Oxford scholarships are offered to students from low income countries who, for political or financial reasons, or because suitable educational facilities do not exist, cannot study for a degree in their own countries.

Scholarships are available for new students applying for an undergraduate degree in all subjects except for medicine. Not all colleges are able to offer Reach Oxford Scholarships every year. If you are accepted by a college that is not participating in the scheme, this will not prevent you from applying for and being awarded a scholarship. If your application is successful, arrangements will be made to transfer you between colleges.

September 6, 2013

September Opportunities for Young Media Makers

Screening grants available for human rights films

Deadline: September 30th
Movies that Matter offers up to EUR 5.000 (US$ 6.675) and advice to initiate human rights film festivals and help circulate and exhibit human rights films in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.
For more information, please see the call on

August 29, 2013

Winter School "The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR): The Principle of Non-Discrimination"

The University of Bologna organises a Winter School "The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR): The Principle of Non-Discrimination", that will be held in Forlì (Italy) - University of Bologna - School of Political Science from 13 to 17 January, 2014

The Winter School is organised in cooperation with the Institut des droits de l'homme (Strasbourg) and the High School of Economics - Moscow. The event is dedicated to the system of protection established by the European Convention on Human Rights with a special focus on the principle of non-discrimination. Keynote speakers include former President of the European Court of Human Rights - J. P. Costa, judge G. Raimondi, professors E. Dubout (Paris) and E. Brems (Ghent).

August 19, 2013

10 Crazy Scholarships That You Never Knew About

Looking for cash to help pay for college or grad school? Good news: you don’t have to be a top scholar or star athlete. Here are ten scholarships for those of us with more unique and unusual talents:

1. Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest. Attention, aspiring Project Runway contestants! awards cash prizes to the couple who creates and wears the best duct tape outfit or accessories to their prom.  First place is $5,000 each, second place is $3,000 each, and third place is $2,000. The same amount is awarded to the colleges they’ll be attending.

2. Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest.  Can you do an incredible duck imitation?  Are you a high school senior?  Do you realize that these two descriptors, put together, can earn you big bucks?  Scholarshipfunds for this contest total $4,250 each year, with the first place winner snagging $2,000. Check out for more information.

August 16, 2013

Culture and Democratic Citizenship, Culture of Democratic Citizenship

JEF-Europe and JEF-France have opened a call for participants for the international seminar "Culture and Democratic Citizenship, Culture of Democratic Citizenship", which will take place in Paris, France from 26 October to 1 November 2013 in Paris, France. The aim of the seminar is to explore the links between Culture and Citizenship offering ideas and approaches to participating youth leaders which they can use on local level when working with youth. 

August 8, 2013

Eastern Partnership Youth Forum

The Eastern Partnership Youth Forum aims to increase sustainable political/civic commitment to further support non-formal learning/the youth work recognition process through cooperation in the youth field. Objective of the event - reaching better social inclusion and improvement of lives of young people by increasing the quality and recognition of non-formal learning/education and youth work and make outcomes visible and transferable to other sectors. This year, the Eastern Partnership Youth forum will take place on 22-25 October, 2013 in Kaunas (100 km. from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania)

The Eastern Partnership Youth Forum is organised by the Agency of International Youth Cooperation, which is the Lithuanian National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme, in cooperation with the European Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and other stakeholders.

July 31, 2013

Knowledge Team Assistant Trainee

European Schoolnet is searching for a full-time Knowledge Team Assistant for its office in Brussels.

European Schoolnet is the network of 30 European Ministries of Education, based in Brussels. As a not-for-profit organisation, we aim to bring innovation in teaching and learning to our key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners. Since its founding in 1997, European Schoolnet has used its links with education ministries to help schools make effective use of educational technologies, equipping both teachers and pupils with the skills to achieve in the knowledge society.

July 23, 2013

International Youth Leadership Academy 2013

The 4th international training programme of IYLA will take place on 31 August- 4 September 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. The training will be conducted based on the experience and knowledge of experts and trainers from UNICEF and Habitat. The main aim of this programme is to provide young people with equal opportunities for leadership and develop their capacity to actively contribute to their own communities.

The training aims to develop the knowledge, skills and experience of the participants on human rights, youth and child rights and participation as well as more specifically on Intercultural Dialogue, Gender Equality, and Conflict Resolution. During this process, the participants will be followed by the experts and supported with various materials that will enable them to get prepared for their own leadership role in their communities.

July 15, 2013

11th International Youth Conference in Krusevo

Youth Alliance from Krusevo with many partners has promoted European Values for 11 years, particularly by supporting the mobility of young people, their encouragement to be leaders and creators of the future as well as civil society and youth leaders cooperation across Europe and South East Europe. Youth work and youth policy are more crucial than ever for South East Europe and Europe. We, the young people, need European solutions that are translated into practice at the national level.

The International Youth Conference “European Values for the Future of SEE Countries” is response to the challenge. 60 participants from South East Europe and Europe will come to Krusevo for the eleventh time to discuss current issues and explore new approaches in youth policy and youth work across South East Europe and Europe in general. Aim is to encourage young people to be facilitators of broad policy dialog and to be multipliers of the European values in their societies. Young People, as representatives of the potential for the future of SEE and Europe in general, are the key forces in the process of strengthening the efforts of the countries of South Eastern Europe in fostering peace, democracy, respect for human rights and economic prosperity. The International Youth Conference is taking place in Krusevo, Macedonia between 19 and 23 of September 2013.

July 12, 2013

Hayek Fund for Future Scholars

HFFS Cartoon
Increase your chances of being accepted and funded in a graduate program through the Hayek Fund for Future Scholars (HFFS). HFFS funding is dedicated to offsetting application costs so that you can afford to increase the number of applications you submit.

Who is eligible?

Undergraduates and recent graduates applying for full-time doctorate program to start in the 2013-14 academic year; demonstrated interest in individual and economic freedom, and strong academic potential are also essential. (See the frequently asked questions for a list of eligible degree programs).

June 27, 2013

MA Programme in Human Rights and Democratization

The Regional Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratization is a two-year interdisciplinary programme established with the financial support of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) in 2010.  The programme is one of 6 Regional Master’s Programmes in Human Rights and Democratization worldwide, established with the financial support of the European Commission.

This unique programme is offered by four leading universities in Eastern Partnership Region: Yerevan State University (coordinator), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Belarusian State University, University of European Political and Economic Studies (USPEE) in Moldova and in cooperation with the European Interuniversity Center (Venice).

June 24, 2013

International Summer University "Public Choice: The Economic Analysis of Government Failure"

New Economic School – Georgia in  partnership with Freedom Works (USA) and Institute for Economic Affairs (UK) are pleased to announce the call for participants for the International Summer University “Public Choice: The Economic Analysis of Government Failure”. The event will take place on 11th - 17th of August 2013 in Bakuriani, Hotel “Tbilisi”, Mountain Resort in Georgia.

June 14, 2013

Bucharest Summer University 2013

The Students' Union of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (US ASE), through the Students’ Senate, gladly invites you to take part in one of this summer's most interesting educational experiences: Bucharest Summer University 2013. This 9th edition of the international summer school, held annually in Bucharest, gathers students from all over the world to discuss different topics in the economics field. This international cultural and academic event focuses on economic problems and related fields of interest and has as a main objective to promote the common academic values.

The courses will take place between the 11th and 25th of August 2013. Together with speakers and professors from top universities and companies around the world, the 55 participants will spend 2 weeks in the campus of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies including one extended week-end exploring particular destinations across the country.

June 7, 2013

ISWinT 2013

ISWinT (International Student Week in Timisoara) is an international festival that gathers participants from all over the world each year since 1994. The purpose of this festival is to give the students from different countries the opportunity to communicate freely, to express their opinions in a productive manner, while enjoying a taste of our local culture. 

A simple word, ISWinT, brings with it 7 days of festival, perfect opportunities to meet new people, to discover new places, new traditions, to attend parties. And that is not everything this event comes with. ISWinT brings workshops, themed evenings and many many other activities. During the event you will not only discover Timisoara, you will also discover its surroundings with beautiful landscapes and the magic that comes with it. You will have the opportunity to discover the others participants’ tradition at the “Nations Party” where each country is presented by participants by means of singing, theater or video-projection, so that we that we can get a clearer picture of their culture and habits.

May 31, 2013

Master of Arts in Human Rights and Conflict Management

The Master of Arts in Human Rights and Conflict Management at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa, Italy) is designed to provide students from different cultures and backgrounds with a deep understanding of the linkages between human rights and conflict management theory and practice. The curriculum, strongly field oriented, prepares participants for working with NGOs, governments, aid agencies, the UN system and regional organisations, also operating in the context of complex emergencies and joint operations.

The Programme is divided into two didactic modules, running between mid January and the end of July 2014, followed by an internship or field experience of min. 3 and max. 6 months, starting from August 2014, and a presentation of the students' final dissertation in spring 2015.

Top Dissertation Structuring Tips

The hardest part of gaining a Master’s degree apart from the extensive research it requires is the dissertation writing process. Many students have a problem with the structuring process which, if mastered would make the whole process easy and straightforward. 

The dissertation structure is critical first because it displays the work in a way you can work easy. The structure also makes the research look live and real. It facilitates the research mapping process, which is the biggest challenge you would face without.

May 24, 2013

XVI Summer School of Economics in Belgrade

The Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade, is organizing the 16th annual Summer School of Economics on July 15th – July 19th 2013. It was started in 1998, triggered by the need to provide education about emerging market economy and contemporary economic trends that were excluded from the formal system of education at the time. Since the Summer School gathers students from the entire region of the Western Balkans, it not only offers students the opportunity to learn from distinguished lecturers, both from Serbia and abroad, but also the chance to meet their peers from the region, and establish friendships and networks that will be important in their future careers.

May 23, 2013

Youth Future Conference 2013 in Bonn

From September 1st to 7th, the European Conference on Sustainability for young adults (18-28 years) will be held in Bonn. This conference is organised by a German group of students within the network of the Youth Future Project.

Imagine that YOU can come together with 100 other young people from all over Europe, 20 junior scientists and about 6 Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award (“Alternative Nobel Prize”) and the German Environment Prize. Together, on an eye-to-eye level and from an interdisciplinary and multi-perspective angle, you will work on challenges and innovative solutions in the field of sustainability .

May 22, 2013

9th Annual PSSI Summer School

The 9th Annual PSSI Summer School “NATO’s Security Challenges” will be held on July 7–12, 2013 in Měřín, Czech Republic, in cooperation with NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division.

The main objective of Summer School is to offer a high-profile study course for students currently enrolled in Master’s degree programs, based on presentations, interactive workshops and simulations with international security experts from academia and government fields.

May 16, 2013

6th International Black Sea Symposium 2013 in Athens

The 6th International Black Sea Symposium on “Empowering Civil Society in the Black Sea region: a tool for Innovative Social Change” will be held in Athens, Greece, from 4 to 6 July 2013. In its sixth year, the International Black Sea Symposium (IBSS) project builds on the success and positive impact of its previous five editions and brings together the next generation of stakeholders with an interest in the Black Sea area. 

The ICBSS will welcome young professionals and international experts, for an intensive course on Black Sea issues. The event’s working language will be English. 

May 9, 2013

Summer Scholarships for Study Trip in Turkey

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey offers short summer scholarships for a study trip for successful and motivated graduate students (MA, MPhil, PhD, etc.) interested in Ottoman and Turkish studies. 

The aim of the project is to provide wide-ranging first hand information on Turkey, its culture, history and politics; and to promote social and academic exchanges among the participants and their Turkish counterparts. 

April 24, 2013

Venice Academy of Human Rights 2013

The Venice Academy of Human Rights is an international and interdisciplinary programme of excellence for human rights education, research and debate. It provides an enriching forum for emerging ideas, practices and policy options in the field of human rights. The Academy hosts distinguished experts to promote critical and useful research and innovation through the exchange of current knowledge. This year the Academy will take place on 8 - 19 July.

Participation is open to academics, practitioners and Ph.D./J.S.D. students from all countries of the world with an advanced knowledge of human rights. In the selection of participants, the Academy puts great emphasis on fostering interdisciplinarity and securing gender equality. Participation is limited to 60 participants.

April 16, 2013

Global Entrepreneurship Summer School 2013

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the most exciting Summer School around the Globe. Apply now and meet leading entrepreneurial talents from around the world for more than one week in Germany. The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School under the general topic Rethinking Education will take place on Sep 18 – Sep 26, 2013 in Munich.

The vision of the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School is based on the claim „Billion Dollar Projects to Foster Societal Change“. We want to encourage and connect outstanding students from all over the world to challenge society’s problems by entrepreneurial means. We want the students to think big and contribute to sustainable change in the dimension of billion. The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School is a collaborative project of the four leading university-based Entrepreneurship Centers in Munich – that’s why we believe in the power of entrepreneurial thinking for a better und sustainable future.

April 9, 2013

Summer School for Young Professionals 2013: Challenges of Global Security Environment

Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA) together with its partner Armed Forces Academy of General M. R. Štefánik (AFA) in Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia is organizing the Summer School for Young Professionals 2013: Challenges of Global Security Environment on 29 June 2013 – 7 July 2013. If you are a master or doctoral level student of political science and/or international relations, or a young professional who is interested and active in the foreign and security policy issues, then we would like to invite YOU to join other students from Central Europe (V4), South Eastern Europe (Western Balkans), Ukraine and South Caucasus in an interactive week-long forum focused on the current issues of the security policy.

You can enjoy the environment of the Armed Forces Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš, located between the beautiful High and Low Tatras. On July 4th we will move our summer school from Liptovský Mikuláš to Mukcahevo in Ukraine and we will continue with our program. The structure of the teaching at the summer school is aimed to provide you with the basics of the security policy background and overview of the current security issues such as Afghanistan beyond 2014, NATO partnerships, smart defence or  current events in Africa and other conflict region. 

April 3, 2013

Summer School on Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Management

Since 1999 the Institute for Minority Rights organizes a Summer School on the topics of Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Management. The international Summer School hosts 20 - 30 students from all over the world and offers a platform to discuss and elaborate on current topics in the field of diversity management with outstanding academic experts but also practitioners from international organizations, such as political advisers of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, lawyers from the European Court of Human Rights, experts and members of the Advisory Committee of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities etc. The Summer School will take place on 24 June – 5 July 2013 in the city of Bolzano/Bozen, Italy. Special Focus 2013: The Revival of Self-determination: opportunities, concerns and challenges.

April 1, 2013

How to Create a Budget with Your Scholarship

The cost of higher education can be daunting when looking at tuition, room and board, books and transportation.  Scholarships provide an excellent source of financial relief to the burden of college expenses for students that have proven they are responsible enough to maintain a high GPA, show fortuitous athletic prowess, or make a worthy impression to financiers through essays and submissions to scholarship applications.  However, even with scholarships, unforeseen expenses can put a damper on a student’s college experience. 

Your scholarship budget should account for many variables.  Students should take the time to plan a budget that not only includes the essentials, but also accounts for unforeseen expenses like road trips, supplementary texts, tools, and equipment (think laptops, iPads, or graphing calculators). 

March 29, 2013

Three-Month Internship at INTERIGHTS in London

INTERIGHTS is pleased to invite applications for a three month funded internship starting at the beginning of June 2013, for a lawyer/academic working on LGBTI Human Rights in Europe. The precise nature of activities will depend on organisational and programme priorities at the time of the placement; however, it is likely that the main areas in which experience will be offered will include:
  • Legal research on international and comparative human rights law and practice relating to LGBTI Human Rights to support the preparation of briefs before domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Assistance on INTERIGHTS’ publications on LGBTI Human Rights;
  • Where possible, attendance at meetings with human rights practitioners, lectures, or visits to other international / national human rights organisations based in London.
The three-month internship will begin in early June 2013 and will be based in London.

March 26, 2013

5 Things Not to Do When Applying to College

College is a gateway to many opportunities. During these formative years, foundations are laid and bridges are built to future successes.

A variety of college and university options exist, but choosing the right institution will ensure that you have access to the right resources, programs, and faculty that meet your needs. However, don’t forget that colleges are selecting you too. They are looking for prospective students who will contribute to their campus community and who have a well-rounded academic and extracurricular track record.

For this reason, it is important to avoid these five common mistakes when applying to college:

March 25, 2013

Youth and Conflict - Conflict Resolution Education in Central Asia

The Center for Conflict Studies (CCS) at the University of Marburg is delighted to announce the call for applications for the international summer school “Youth and Conict - Conict Resolution Education in Central Asia”. The CCS has been awarded a grant by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to organize the summer school in collaboration with the Kyrgyz Russian Slavonic University (KRSU) and the DAAD in Bishkek. The summer school will take place at KRSU on August 25 - 31, 2013.

The summer school deals with the role of the youth in Central Asia with a special focus on conflicts and conflict resolution approaches. The role of youth with regard to conflicts is ambiguous. Youth may play a central role as a high-risk group for conflict escalation as well as be „agents of change“ who can stimulate a peaceful development and social consensus within conflict societies. On average, Central Asian societies are rather young with a high percentage of young people who have great impact on the societal development. Central Asia has been in transition since the end of the Cold War and has had to deal with violent conflict where „youth bulges“ at times played an important role for the conflict process. An in-depth analysis of the role of youth in connection with conflict in Central Asia therefore lies at hand.

March 21, 2013

Transparency International Summer School on Integrity

Applications are welcome for the Transparency International Summer School on Integrity that will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 8-14 July, 2013. The Summer School is designed for students, graduates and young professionals. 

The aim of the Summer School is to provide student leaders from across the region with an opportunity to learn first-hand from professionals working in the anti-corruption field. The School seeks to provide students with a peer-to-peer learning and integrity-building platform that links international experience with transparency and integrity to the current situation in post-communist countries and beyond.

Participants of the Transparency International Summer School on Integrity  learn about the causes of corruption and practical ways in which societies can become more transparent and accountable.

March 20, 2013

European Forum Alpbach 2013

"Experiences and Values" is the general topic of the European Forum Alpbach 2013 which will take place from August 12 to 31, 2013 in the village of Alpbach in the Tyrolean mountains. The three-week event offers an opportunity to enter into discussion with renowned personalities. In a unique atmosphere, speakers from a wide variety of disciplines will discuss burning issues of our times with the participants. An extensive social programme offers opportunities to continue debates outside the conference and seminar rooms. This special nature of the European Forum attracts around 4,000 participants from more than 60 countries every year.

To enable young people to share in this experience, the European Forum Alpbach Non-Profit Foundation under Private Law, supported by many sponsors, makes scholarships available for students and recent graduates. Last year, more than 600 students and recent graduates from 47 countries were able to take part in the Forum thanks to scholarships.

March 19, 2013

National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic 2013-2014

Establishment of the National Scholarship Programme for the Support of Mobility of Students, PhD Students, University Teachers and Researchers was approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic in 2005. The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic is intended to support mobility of foreign students, PhD students, university teachers and researchers to stay at Slovak universities and Slovak research organizations.

March 15, 2013

International Conference "The European Union in the XXI Century"

The Macedonian Institute for European Studies and the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” of the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University have the pleasure to invite you to the international conference THE EUROPEAN UNION IN THE 21st CENTURY: CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES. The Conference will take place in Skopje, the capitol of Macedonia, on 17th -18th May, 2013.

The conference is addressed internationally to academics, researchers and professionals with a particular interest in Europe and the European Union. As the nature of the conference is intended to be multidisciplinary in nature different academic backgrounds are welcomed. Post-graduate students, doctoral candidates and young researchers are welcome to submit an abstract. Representatives of INGOs, NGOs, Think Tanks and activists willing to present their work with impact on or influenced by specific understandings of the European Union are welcomed as well to submit the abstract of their contribution.

March 14, 2013

MA and PhD in Civilization Studies in Turkey

Full academic scholarships are available for applicants to PhD or MA in Civilization Studies programs at the Alliance of Civilizations Institute in Istanbul.

The Alliance of Civilizations Institute is a graduate school specializing in Civilization Studies, offering MA and PhD degrees. The instruction and research in the institute is characterized by a global perspective which finds its expression in the multidisciplinary and multi-lingual approach adopted by the Institute. Turkish, English, Arabic and Spanish are among the languages which are used in graduate education. Disciplinary perspectives from social and human sciences are employed while studying a particular civilization.

March 13, 2013

ISWiB 2013

We are more than happy to announce that the next ISWiB will take place from 14th to 21st July 2013. This year, the International Student Week in Belgrade is going to be held for the 7th time. 

The International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWiB)  is a one-week student festival which has been traditionally held every year since 2006 in the city of Belgrade, Serbia. The Festival is open for students from all universities in Europe. Every year, ISWiB gathers over 200 young people, including participants, moderators and volunteers.

February 22, 2013

State Scholarships for Full-Time Master Studies in Lithuania

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania takes pleasure in offering Lithuanian state scholarships for full-time Master degree studies in the academic year 2013-2014 for nationals of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well as for foreign citizens of the Lithuanian descent to study in Lithuanian higher education institutions:
  1. A monthly scholarship and tuition-free studies is offered for the nationals of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, and foreign citizens of Lithuanian descent (7 grants altogether);
  2. A monthly scholarship is offered for the nationals of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan (6 grants altogether).

February 20, 2013

First World Youth Sustainability Summit

The international initiative “youthinkgreen - jugend denkt um.welt" organises the 1st World Youth Sustainability Summit in Berlin between the 10th and 20th May 2013. The international educational youth initiative is under the patronage of the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC Christiana Figueres as well as the former President of the European Parliament, MEP Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering. The members of the youthinkgreen movement currently numbers 220 youth from 10 countries. Together they campaign against the climate change and for the environment as well as more sustainable ways of living. 
The 1st World Youth Sustainability Summit will revolve around the evocative theme of “Youth and Sustainability in Everyday Life - Challenge, Reflect on and Develop New Global Ways of Living” seen as a great, worldwide challenge and collective task. More than 150 young people from industrialised, emerging and developing countries will come to Berlin to participate in the conference, along with top-class speakers from the scientific, cultural, economic, political and media world to analyse, question and develop the topic through speeches, discussions as well as various workshops. 

How to Write an Outstanding Essay

Writing essays is something you have to get used to doing if you want to make it through college. You also have to learn how to write and structure the perfect essay if you do not want to score poorly. Essays are used to show teachers that you are learning, and understand underlying concepts. The content of the essay is all up to you, but how you write it and how well you do on your essay must be learnt. Here are a few tips to help you create better essays.

Read and re-read the instructions numerous times

You need to do this in order to memorize the questions and instructions. If you commit them to memory straight away then they will remain in your head as you read and work. This will start to steer your thoughts and essay direction in the right way.

February 18, 2013

CRRC Armenia 2013 Conference on Social Capital

Because of the utmost significance of the concept of social capital and also the controversies associated with it, the CRRC-Armenia is pleased to announce a special Conference on Social Capital (SC Conference) – Social Capital: Definitions, Applications, Cultural Contexts. The conference will be held on June 5-6, 2013, in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia.

Throughout decades, the concept of social capital has often been used as a conceptual tool of social sciences. Almost all social disciplines have included the social capital in their research frameworks - from development economics to social psychology, from social health research to education attainment studies, from criminology to anthropology. While the social capital concept has generally been accepted in most of the societies and cultures, it has, however, no lack of criticism either. Critics spend their time and direct their intellectual efforts particularly towards the issues of measurement of social capital.

February 15, 2013

Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS) 2013

Starting in October 2013, the Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS) will grant eight doctoral scholarships to European and Asian students. 

The Graduate Programme for Transcultural Studies (GPTS) is a structured doctoral programme within the interdisciplinary research environment of the Cluster. The programme's institutional reference is the Karl Jaspers Centre (KJC), situated at Heidelberg University. Doctoral students are taught by scholars working within the Cluster and thereby have access to a vibrant international scholarly community. 

February 13, 2013

Summer Academy Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland 2013

Sendzimir Foundation invites students and professionals interested in sustainable development to apply for the XVI Summer Academy Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland 2013. The course, held entirely in English, consists of two phases: an e-learning phase (March-June) and the 3-week long Summer Academy that takes place on 7-27 July in Torun, central Poland. Participation in the e-learning phase is open to applicants from anywhere in the world. Participation in the Summer Academy will be open to selected participants that proved the best alumni of the e-learning course and are residents of Central Eastern Europe and Baltic Sea Basin region. Participation in both the e-learning and the Academy is free of charge (Sendzimir Foundation covers all the related costs except travel to Torun).

February 7, 2013

Ljubljana Summer School - Take the Best from East & West 2013

The next edition of Ljubljana Summer School  Take the Best from East & West will be held on 8-26 July 2013 at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is an internationally renowned programme that was created in the summer of 2000. During the three exciting and challenging weeks, students attend courses, interact with managers during company visits, discover local culture and socialize with people from around the world.

The Ljubljana Summer School is open to undergraduates, graduate students and recent graduates. Students will be able to choose from among many courses which are academically challenging and intellectually stimulating. Discussions between professors and students through various interactive teaching methods are strongly encouraged. Coming from Slovenia and all over the world, the lecturers are experts in their chosen fields and actively involved in academic research; many act as advisers and consultants to companies and the government.  

February 4, 2013

PhD Scholarship in Culture at Giessen University

Giessen University's International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC), funded by the German federal government’s Excellence Initiative, invites applications for one of up to 13 PhD scholarships for a three-year, structured PhD-programme in the study of culture. With its excellent research environment, a doctoral programme which is tailored to the needs of PhD students and the intensive personal support it provides, the Graduate Centre offers doctoral researchers optimum conditions for their PhD-projects and custom-made preparation for the time thereafter, both with regard to academic and non-academic careers.

The PhD scholarship period starts on October 1, 2013 and includes a monthly stipend of approximately €1,468 (plus family allowances when applicable). Scholarships are offered for one year with the possibility of two extensions, each of one year. The GCSC supports young researchers with families; appointees with children under the age of twelve are eligible for renewals of up to four years. 

January 30, 2013

1st European Youth Conference: Strengthening the Recognition of Non-Formal Education in European Youth Work

Youth organization CULTURE GOES EUROPE (CGE) – Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt e.V. is looking for participants all over Europe for its “1st European Youth Conference: Strengthening the Recognition of Non-Formal Education in European Youth Work” to be held in Cracow, Poland, on 19th – 25th March 2013. 

One of the main challenges of European youth work is the recognition of the value of youth work as non-formal learning among public and private institutions as well as among the general population on one hand and the recognition of learning outcomes of youth participating in youth work activities on the other hand. Facing the challenges of the new EU program “Erasmus for all” the requested project proposal therefore focuses on the two interlinked processes of formal/political as well as social recognition of youth work and non-formal learning. 

January 25, 2013

PhD Fellowships in Economics at Vienna Graduate School of Economics

The Vienna Graduate School of Economics (VGSE) offers a unique opportunity to study at a PhD program with a world-class faculty located in the center of the “number 1 quality of living city worldwide”. Apply now and benefit from our attractive fellowships! The Vienna Graduate School of Economics is a collaboration of the University of Vienna and the Institute for Advanced Studies. It offers a broad three-year PhD program in economics focusing on specialized field courses, research seminars, and intensively supervised research time. One year is allocated to course work and research training; two years to research. The school is financed by the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF). The program is entirely run in English.

January 22, 2013

World Perspectives: Minority Voices

World Perspectives: Minority Voices a conference for young media makers that will take place in Budapest, Hungary, on 22-28 April, 2013 – will bring together 26 young media makers, from across Europe, to study how the international news media portrays issues affecting minorities, migrants and refugees. Participants will learn through practice based training, to critically analyse different forms of news media and also to further develop their own skills to more effectively participate in the creation of responsible media. In particular, the study session will motivate and enable young media makers to develop strategies to ensure minorities, migrants and refugees are themselves able to influence how issues affecting them are portrayed in the news.

January 19, 2013

Study Grants at University of Bologna

The University of Bologna offers study grants to deserving international students who wish to register for first cycle, second cycle or single cycle Degree Programmes at the University of Bologna for A.Y. 2013-2014 (15 study grants for students registering in First Cycle and Single Cycle degree programmes; 30 study grants for students registering in Second Cycle degree programmes.)
If you are an international student of any nationality in possession of (or about to obtain) a qualification from an institute outside of the Italian system, you may apply for an annual study grant of €11,000 gross (Unibo Action 2).

January 18, 2013

HiOA International Summer School 2013 in Oslo

The annual International Summer School at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) will be arranged on 02 - 19 July 2013.

The International Summer Programme at HiOA will be a meeting place for students from all over the world. In addition to the courses, we will arrange social and cultural events, excursions, and field trips. Most of the students will be accommodated in centrally located student villages.

All students with at least one year of university education and proficiency in English are welcome to apply. Although the majority of the participants will be international, Norwegian students are more than welcome to apply. We hope to create a global campus, with high academic standard, as well as the possibility to experience Norway.

January 11, 2013

Civil Society Transformations on the Way to the European Union

The general objective of the project Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations (TACSO) is to strengthen the civil society within a participative democracy, to stimulate a civil society-friendly environment and culture, as well as to strengthen the overall capacities and accountability of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) within the IPA beneficiaries (Western Balkans and Turkey - WBT), to guarantee the quality of service of CSOs and a sustainable role of CSOs in the democratic process.

An important cross-cutting component of the project is to contribute to strengthening the civil society of the WBT within the EU accession process and on this occasion TACSO Croatia, in cooperation with other TACSO offices, is organising an international conference: Civil Society Transformations on the Way to the European Union: Looking at the past, present and future of civil society in Western Balkans and Turkey to be held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 17-19 April 2013.

January 9, 2013

CEU Summer University 2013

The Summer University (SUN) is an academic program for courses for graduate students, university teachers, researchers and professionals in the social sciences and humanities. In 2013, the summer program (June 3 – July 26, 2013) offers a series of intensive one- and two-week courses in the social sciences and humanities to encourage and promote regional academic co-operation and curriculum development by drawing together young faculty in lectures, seminars and workshops. The language of instruction is English.

Financial aid / scholarsips are available. Applications should be received no later than February 15, 2013.

January 3, 2013

"Change the Change" Seminar

There are times when we are not happy with the current situation - either in our closest environment or even at an international level. We have not managed to prevent it but we can still do something about. Bringing about change is a process that can go variuos ways. How to do it in a constructive, effective and peacefull way?

This seminar will develop new and fine-tune already existing tools on human rights education to empower participation of young people in decision making on local, regional, national and international level.

The seminar will be held in Tartu, Estonia, on 24.-30.03.2013. The seminar is financially supported by European Youth Foundation.