March 21, 2013

Transparency International Summer School on Integrity

Applications are welcome for the Transparency International Summer School on Integrity that will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 8-14 July, 2013. The Summer School is designed for students, graduates and young professionals. 

The aim of the Summer School is to provide student leaders from across the region with an opportunity to learn first-hand from professionals working in the anti-corruption field. The School seeks to provide students with a peer-to-peer learning and integrity-building platform that links international experience with transparency and integrity to the current situation in post-communist countries and beyond.

Participants of the Transparency International Summer School on Integrity  learn about the causes of corruption and practical ways in which societies can become more transparent and accountable.
The School staff  offer students state-of-the-art professional guidance and compelling case studies showing long-term sustainability through transparent and integrity. Led by leading anti-corruption professionals, the School seeks to create an environment that brings discussions about transparency and integrity from a high public policy level into the classroom and the everyday life of students.

University students earn 6 ECTS credits upon successful completion of the course.

Course Programme 

The TI Summer School consists of three teaching modules covering the public sector, the private sector and civic empowerment. Each module will include theoretical definitions of corruption as it affects different parts of society, and how anti-corruption tools are used in practice.
  • The public sector module covers abuse of office, nepotism, public procurement and accountability mechanisms for public institutions.
  • The private sector module focuses on international anti-corruption mechanisms, corporate reporting standards, media accountability, and corruption in different industry sectors.
  • The civic empowerment module addresses the role of citizens in monitoring the activities of the state and explores ways in which people can become involved in the public decision-making process, in reporting corruption, and in anti-corruption activities.
Students will be introduced to new online mobilisation methods, falling under the “web 2.0″ rubric, used by organisations such as Sunlight Foundation, My Society and will receive a training on media literacy, i.e. how to critically read and work with news.

Application Process

Applicants wishing to apply shall submit the following documents:
1) Application form (save as.doc)
2) Europass CV.

The completed application form with the CV should be sent to Only fully filled applications will be considered. The copies of the diplomas and letters of recommendations are welcome but not compulsory. The final deadline for the submission of application documents is 1 May 2013.


For 2013 the course participation fee is set at 400 EUR. The fee covers accommodation, meals, study material and extra-curricular activities. Participants are expected to cover their own travel expenses (including visas, insurance, etc.). Students may be granted (partial) tuition fee waivers in exceptional cases.


A limited number of competitive scholarships is available. Full scholarships cover transportation, tuition and board expenses. Students seeking a scholarship are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Students may be also offered partial scholarships that cover a part of their expenses.

Students from the following countries can apply for a full scholarship (the full list of eligible countries is to be confirmed by 1 April 2013): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Syria and Tunisia.

For further questions regarding the application procedure, fees, scholarships or general inquiries, please contact at

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