October 31, 2011

Master of Arts in Black Sea Cultural Studies

Applications are now open for the Master of Arts in Black Sea Cultural Studies at the School of Humanities of the International Hellenic University, Greece. The next intake - October 2012.   


Entry requirements 

To be considered for an MA programme, candidates are required to have: a good university degree (original transcripts) from a recognised University; proof of English competence (proficiency, recently acquired IELTS or TOEFL); two academic references; a personal interview may be required.

    October 28, 2011

    CEU Degree Programs and Scholarships 2012-2013

    The world-known Central European University invites applications for its 2012-2013 degree programs. Located in one of Europe's most elegant capital cities, Budapest, accredited in both the USA and Europe, CEU offers a uniquely international atmosphere of academic excellence, critical reflection, and social engagement. CEU students come from over 100 countries of five continents, our faculty - from 30 countries. There is no predominant national majority. This uniquely international atmosphere is one of the most appealing aspects of our student life. Any CEU graduate has an international network of personal and professional contacts enhancing their lives and careers.

    CEU and all its degree programs are registered and accredited in the US. The University and an increasing number of its programs are also accredited in Hungary. In addition, several CEU degrees are awarded jointly with other leading European universities. Thus, CEU education is globally recognized and highly valued opening unique career prospects for its graduates all over the world.

    October 24, 2011

    Learning Arabic Language and Culture in Morocco

    An Arabic Language and Culture session is a special activity that the Forum Communication des Cultures (FCC) organizes this year. The sessions will be held in Youssoufia/Rabat, Morocco.

    The objectives of this activity are:
    - Giving to people the opportunity to get basic knowledge about Arabic language and culture. That knowledge could be useful for him in their studies or in their daily life or in their travels in countries speaking this language.
    - Giving the opportunity to people to get in touch with the Moroccan culture and its way of life, and in consequences achieve a fruitful cultural exchange.
    - Giving the opportunity to people has some basic knowledge about this language to brush up it and be adapted to different ways to use it.
    - Trying to connect Volunteers with friends from abroad so as to correspond between them in English or Arabic as a tool to promote their international understaning and knowledge and establish new friendship.

    October 21, 2011

    U-Active Forum: Networking for Developing Youth Projects

    We are pleased to invite you to the first Forum of International Youth Projects, titled “U-Active: Networking for developing youth projects”. The Forum will take place on the 24-26 November, 2011 in Grodno, Belarus. The Forum intends to bring together interesting, initiative and active students all over Europe and let them exchange their ideas by providing informative sessions and learning opportunities with outstanding speakers who have a huge international project experience and a will to help us with idea and project generation.

    October 19, 2011

    Scholarship Competition for the European Master of Fine Art Photography 2012

    The IED Madrid School of Design is holding a scholarship competition for the European Master of Fine Art Photography. The competition is already open for participation and the deadline is November 24, 2011.

    At this point in time, the European Master of Fine Art Photography is the most ambitious proposal for training in artistic photography, and aspires to be a meeting point for artists and professionals to enrich this field in Spain. The academic program, offered in Spanish and English, focuses on the creation of an artistic project and relies on international artists and theorists among its faculty, such as Martin Parr, Elger Esser, Alejandro Castellote and Joan Fontcuberta.

    October 14, 2011

    How to Pack for Studying Abroad

    You’ve done the research, put in the time, taken the tests, secured the scholarships, gotten your passport and you’re on your way out the door and across the pond to a foreign country to study abroad. It’s romantic and daring and you’re almost completely ready to go except for one small detail… one minor issue that you haven’t even begun to tackle: packing. How on earth do you pack for a trip that is months long without taking your entire closet? Have no fear; there are a few different tips to help you pack sensibly for your upcoming adventure, and it doesn’t include every pair of shoes you own. 

    October 12, 2011

    University of Lausanne Master's Grants

    To facilitate access to Master’s degrees by students with qualifications from foreign universities, the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, makes available around ten Master’s grants which are awarded on a competitive basis. Please read below to learn more about the application process for 2012.

    Programmes concerned

    Candidates must choose a Master's programme from among those offered by the UNIL, except the Master of Medicine, Master of Arts in Public Management and Policy, Master of Arts in Sciences and Practices of Education. The grant may not be used for any complementary studies required to enroll on the Master’s degree and may not be used for EMBAs or Masters of Advanced studies.

    October 4, 2011

    Campus for Finance – New Year’s Conference 2012

    The next Campus for Finance – New Year’s Conference 2012 under the topic “Sustainable Finance – How to Benefit from Global Mega Trends?!” will be held on January 12-13, 2012 at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar (Koblenz, Germany).

    Application deadline: November 30, 2011. Students are supported with travel subsidies!

    Our aim is to bring together extraordinary people from economics, science, and politics with selected students from all over the world and support the exchange in a unique familiar atmosphere. So you can be excited about inspiring speeches, panel discussions and workshops, as well as extraordinary entrepreneurial talks.

    October 3, 2011

    Enjoy College: Stay Safe!

    Your parents have taught you the basic rules of being safe right? Or at least you have heard them somewhere. Always look both ways before you cross the street. Never get a ride from a stranger. These are rules that you probably grew up learning. But, now, as you are getting ready to go to college, or if you are already there, especially if you study abroad, there are some safety tips that you should abide by when in college. College is a great place to make friends that will last your whole life. There are also people that you may want to steer clear of. Because college is where a lot of people want to “experiment”, keep yourself safe. Avoid situations where you could possibly get hurt. You want to enjoy our college experience to the fullest, you don't want it to be marred by placing yourself in a compromising position.

    These are basic safety tips, but will really help keep you safe.