September 27, 2013

Eastern Partnership and the EU: On the Way to a Deeper Cooperation

The 2nd National Selection Conference of EYP Armenia on “Eastern Partnership and the EU: On the Way to a Deeper Cooperation” will take place on 1-3rd November, 2013 in Yerevan, Armenia. More than 100 delegates from all regions of the country and abroad will come together for this three-day program to discuss the specified topic under the motto “I.D.E.A: Initiate, Debate, Empower, Advocate”.

The session will be hosted by one of the best and well-equipped universities in Yerevan, American University of Armenia. In the scope of the National Selection Conference, the delegation of 3 people will also be chosen based on the Independent Jury’s assessment and the voting of the 100 delegates to represent Armenia at the 75th International Session of European Youth Parliament in Riga, Latvia in March of 2014.

September 17, 2013

Mawista Scholarships for Extraordinary Personalities 2013/2014

Diversity enriches the educational landscape. Therefore, Mawista wants to provide students with unconventional curriculum vitas with the necessary support to fulfill their educational aspirations. The main focus is on the applicant’s personality and personal background rather than hard criteria like GPA or length of study. To apply for this scholarship, you have to show us how your extraordinary personality contributes to the diversity in the educational landscape:
  • You have changed your field of study multiple times but have finally found your true calling?
  • You are a long-term student and proud of it?
  • You grew up in a commune but decided to study business administration?
  • You came from China to Germany in order to study vitriculture?
  • In your high-school diploma you had a D in mathematics but decided to study the subject nevertheless?
  • You had to break down extraordinary barriers to reach your goals?

September 14, 2013

Oxford Undergraduate Scholarships for Low Income Countries

A number of Reach Oxford scholarships are offered to students from low income countries who, for political or financial reasons, or because suitable educational facilities do not exist, cannot study for a degree in their own countries.

Scholarships are available for new students applying for an undergraduate degree in all subjects except for medicine. Not all colleges are able to offer Reach Oxford Scholarships every year. If you are accepted by a college that is not participating in the scheme, this will not prevent you from applying for and being awarded a scholarship. If your application is successful, arrangements will be made to transfer you between colleges.

September 6, 2013

September Opportunities for Young Media Makers

Screening grants available for human rights films

Deadline: September 30th
Movies that Matter offers up to EUR 5.000 (US$ 6.675) and advice to initiate human rights film festivals and help circulate and exhibit human rights films in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.
For more information, please see the call on