May 11, 2012

Liberty Seminars 2012 in Slovenia

Join 80 freedom lovers from all over the world to learn and discuss about freedom, markets, rights and entrepreneurship at one of available seminars, Liberty Camp or Liberty Academy. The 5th annual Liberty Seminars will take place between 27 August - 1 September, 2012 in the breathtaking scenary of Lake Bled, Slovenia.

The Liberty Seminars are organized by the Slovenian think tank Društvo Svetilnik (Lighthouse Association).

The Liberty Seminars are open to people of all ages and from any background. We welcome you to spend an unforgettable week with other individuals who share a passion for the ideas of liberty.

May 10, 2012

"Way Home": Volunteering in a New Ecovillage near Kiev, Ukraine

We are a group of sustainability enthusiasts from Kiev, Ukraine. We're starting an ecovillage near Yushky, Kiev region.  This year we are going to build our first, common house, which will become the community center later.
We are looking for volunteers to share the joy and help us with the construction.

The first leg of construction started on 28 April 2012. The construction will go on until October. The ecovillage is only 1h on a bus from Kiev, so you may come for any period of time you feel like.

May 8, 2012

Exams are Hard in Any Country: Effective Study Tips

College is a fun and exciting time. Your life is opened up to so many new experiences and new opportunities that the possibilities seem (and really are) endless. Students can learn about topics they never imagined studying, forge relationships with people they would have never encountered in any other environment, and even take their academic pursuit abroad for a period of time. These educational and personal pursuits are worthwhile in so many different ways for a young and passionate individual. While college is a time full of opportunity and growth, it is also a time of seemingly endless stress and exhaustion. With late night study sessions, intensely hard classes, and ever impending deadlines, when you're in the thick of it nothing seems more difficult than college. We can all admit, there are few things more daunting to a college student than final exams (besides maybe an 8 am class). In many ways, it seems that we as college students put the weight of an entire semester into one hour long exam. This is bound to be overwhelmingly stressful. While college exams are always going to be a drag, there are several strategies you can use in the dorms, at home, or abroad to study more effectively.