May 10, 2012

"Way Home": Volunteering in a New Ecovillage near Kiev, Ukraine

We are a group of sustainability enthusiasts from Kiev, Ukraine. We're starting an ecovillage near Yushky, Kiev region.  This year we are going to build our first, common house, which will become the community center later.
We are looking for volunteers to share the joy and help us with the construction.

The first leg of construction started on 28 April 2012. The construction will go on until October. The ecovillage is only 1h on a bus from Kiev, so you may come for any period of time you feel like.

We offer vegetarian food three times a day. Living in tents on the building site or in a local club building 4km away whichever you prefer (you will have to take a sleeping bag and a rug with you anyway). Nice, cheerful people. There is mobile network coverage on the building site. The toilet is outside. Shower water is heated by the sun.

Expect to work 6 hours a day. In spare time we will practice various crafts including pottery, woodcutting, wickerwork, macrame. During the main work you will receive a hands-on experience of building with local materials.

We have place for sleeping in our club building in Kiev. So you may come earlier and spend some time in Kiev and getting more acquainted with us.

The ecovillage will be situated in a beautiful draw. There is a stream, a forest, a beaver dam. A forest reserve is situated 2km from the building site.

No alcohol or any other drugs are allowed on the building site.

If you are interested please fill in this form:

We will reach you via email with further details.

~Club for applied ecology.~

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