March 13, 2013

ISWiB 2013

We are more than happy to announce that the next ISWiB will take place from 14th to 21st July 2013. This year, the International Student Week in Belgrade is going to be held for the 7th time. 

The International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWiB)  is a one-week student festival which has been traditionally held every year since 2006 in the city of Belgrade, Serbia. The Festival is open for students from all universities in Europe. Every year, ISWiB gathers over 200 young people, including participants, moderators and volunteers.

The idea of the festival is binding young people through work in several different workshops created so that every workshop covers a significant field of our society which we live in. Through workshops, close communication and cooperation, interactive lectures and various open activities, students will be able to gain new knowledge and exchange ideas. Students will also have an opportunity to establish professional contacts with eminent professors and professionals from different sectors  and develop  and create new projects by themselves. The Festival has been traditionally organized by association World Youth Wave.


This year’s International Student Week in Belgrade will be directed towards the creation of an international youth network through which the participants will be able to continue to cooperate. The educational program will aim to raise the level of their knowledge in various fields, and through formal and informal meetings the participants will be able to connect with other young people who are also engaged in that field. Each workshop will have a concrete product of their work during the festival, either in the form of a project, recorded film, exhibition, etc. We want this year to bring together young people with ideas and help them hatch a concrete product; we will work together in order to hatch the network!
Young people are not just the future of the world nor does the world belong to them as it was often told. They are the present holders of the society as well as other groups, which is why it is important to work together, and for that you need a platform that will be hatched from this year’s ISWiB!


All European students and those from the other continents but studying in Europe at the moment can apply for ISWiB. All fields of study are welcome, there are no special requirements. Recently graduated students are also welcome.

Participation fee

The fee for foreign students is 100 Euros and it includes accommodation, food and workshop expenses. For domestic students, the fee is 40 Euros and it includes food and workshops expences. Students studying in Serbia have no accomodation provided during the festival.

Travel costs are not covered with the participation fee and ISWiB will not make any reimbursement of the costs.

The official language of ISWiB is English.


ISWiB participants will be accommodated in Petar Drapšin Student Dormitory.

To apply, please fill in the online application form. Please check out for any additional information regarding the application process before you fill in this form.

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