February 13, 2013

Summer Academy Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland 2013

Sendzimir Foundation invites students and professionals interested in sustainable development to apply for the XVI Summer Academy Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland 2013. The course, held entirely in English, consists of two phases: an e-learning phase (March-June) and the 3-week long Summer Academy that takes place on 7-27 July in Torun, central Poland. Participation in the e-learning phase is open to applicants from anywhere in the world. Participation in the Summer Academy will be open to selected participants that proved the best alumni of the e-learning course and are residents of Central Eastern Europe and Baltic Sea Basin region. Participation in both the e-learning and the Academy is free of charge (Sendzimir Foundation covers all the related costs except travel to Torun).

Three-week Summer Academy the Challenges of Sustainable Development is one of the most important educational events connected to sustainability in Poland. More than 410 people took part in it since 1998. Since the 12th edition we accept also participants from abroad. The Academy enjoys growing interest from participants from different countries - In 2012 around 400 people applied to take part in it. The competition is high but those who do get accepted praise the high standard of the training.

Who can take part in the course?
The course is addressed to students and PhD students, researchers as well as representatives of the business, administration and NGO-sector from the Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea Region. Students represent different areas and specialties, especially they were: nature protection and environmental engineering, architecture, management, economic sciences, agriculture, biology, ecology, arts, history, journalism. We encourage participants from all over the world to apply for the e-learning phase, however only applicants from Europe will be considered eligible to participate in the Academy. This is due to the local focus of the practical component of the training and excessive carbon footprint caused by long-distance travels. If you feel your case needs exceptional, please write us an e-mail before the end of the second stage of the e-learning course.

The additional criteria taken into account will be:
  • fluency in English,
  • country of the applicant (approximately 60% of participants will be from Poland, from other CEE and Baltic countries we will accept up to 3 participants from a certain country taking into consideration the number of application from a given country). Please note: due to excessive carbon footprint generated by long-distance travels participants from countries outside Europe will not be admitted to participate in the Academy. 
  • specialization (the course has an interdisciplinary character and we try to create a diverse group of participants to share knowledge and experience in their fields).
How can I take part in this course?
If you want to take part in 16th edition of our Summer Academy or the e-learning alone, you should send an application form, that is available on our website. The applications will be received between 11th of February and 4th of March 2013. 

An integral element of the recruitment process for the Academy is a two-step e-learning course that we will provide from 9th March 2013. Those who do not complete it will not be eligible to take part in the Academy, however you may decide to participate in the e-learning stage alone, without applying for the Academy. If that should be the case, please indicate it in the application form.

What is the subject of the course?
Sustainable development: explanation of the concept, theory from different perspectives and practical workshops and projects. The course includes also additional activities which integrates the group such as dance classes or hiking.
What can I expect from this course?
The Academy programme includes: lectures, debates, workshops, simulation games, country activities and practical projects in the domain of sustainable development. Guided by experienced instructors from Poland and abroad, the participants work on two important practical projects. First concentrates on the implementation of sustainable development principles into the municipality; the other into the companies or institutions.

Read more about the application process here.

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  1. Guys, this is highly recommended. I participated in the last year's, both E-learning and summer school, it's priceless. And if you're not from Eastern/Central Europe, do apply still. Last year we had Brazilians and Americans hanging around :)