February 14, 2011

Conference "Role of Tribunals and Doctrine in the International Law"

We would kindly like to invite you to the 4th International Conference of Law Studies "Role of Tribunals and Doctrine in the International Law", organised by Interdisciplinary Student Association Diplomacy and Law. It is the fourth edition of the conference, organized each year by our Association. The conference will be held at University of Warsaw between 11th and 12th of April 2011. Three previous editions (two national and one international) aroused great interest and were attended by over 100 students and Ph.D. students from leading Polish universities. The last edition included also students from Czech Republic, Ukraine Russia, Kazakhstan and Iran.

The subject of this year’s conference is the role of international courts, tribunals and the doctrine in the international law. Our aim is to examine to what extent the tribunals, as institutions executing the international law, affect the quality and effectiveness of this law. We also would like to explore the impact of the doctrine on the international law at the beginning of 21st century. In the time of global economic crisis and dynamic transformation of international relations those questions become of significant importance for the future of the international law in general.

During the conference the following issues will be addressed:
   * role of the past experiences - the Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunals,
   * role of the European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights in system of international and European law after the Lisbon Treaty and planned accession of the EU to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms,
   * role and future of the International Court of Justice,
   * role and future of international criminal courts (ICC, Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Lebanon),
   * role and future of other international tribunals,
   * role of arbitrage tribunals in inter-states conflicts and in economic cases (state v. foreign investor),
   * impact of ruling of the courts on practise of state’s activities,
   * new trends in international law doctrine;

Conference is addressed to all students and Ph.D. students interested in international law. The conference will be held in two languages: Polish and English. Organizers are planning to publish a post-conference book, containing articles of participants.

Organisation Committee reserves itself a right to select the applications. Once you are accepted, you will receive confirmation e-mail (if you are not notified within the week from sending your application, please let us know).

The conference fee is 35 zlotys (approx. 9 €) and is going to cover only the organisation costs. Organisation Committee will also assist in finding accommodation for the time of conference. Information concerning the accommodation will be given individually after acceptance of the application.

Registration deadline is 1st of March, 2011.  

For more information about the conference please visit our website: www.dip.mish.uw.edu.pl/conference or write an e-mail: int.law.conference@wpia.uw.edu.pl 

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