March 6, 2011

Annual Open International Festival of Multimedia Art “Multimatograf-7”

This year the Annual Open International Festival of Multimedia Art "Multimatograf" will take place for the seventh time. It will be held on April 23-24, 2011 in Vologda, Russia. "Multimatograf" is an outstanding event in the field of animation. Creative spirit, unordinary mixture of unordinary ideas and technological «know-how», computer art availability - that are the principles that we base upon.

The festival is primarily aimed to support independent young artists, who are eager to realize their creative potential and wish to share their ideas and message with the world through the means of multimedia art. Festival participants are usually those young people, who have active life position and intend to make the world a more beautiful place. In the six years the Festival gathered more than 500 works from all over Russia and abroad – Ukraine, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, the USA, Mexico, Denmark, Canada, etc.

If you do animation, music videos, video-art and you want to share your ideas and want your work to find its audience – you are welcome to the Festival!

The works must fall into one of the four nominations:
1. Cartoon
2. Video-art
3. Music video
4. Wild

All the works must be non-commercial. The organizers also don’t charge any participation fee and all the festival events are free for the participants. They will include a number of master-classes, seminars, work screenings, an exhibition of retro-computers, gala-concert, after-party.

Founders and organizers:
- Vologda Oblast Youth Non-governmental Organization “Creative Group “TONNA”
- Vologda Oblast Committee of Physical Education, Sport and Youth Affairs
- Vologda Oblast “Sodruzhestvo” Youth Center

Deadline for work submission: April 11, 2011.



  1. i wonder what goes for "4. Wild"?

  2. All info is provided to us by the organizers, we don't have any more details apart from those stated here. Please contact the organizers with any additional questions.

  3. Hi there!

    Sorry, I am the contact person of the festival.

    Wild - is for those works which are made with the help of multimedia technologies, but somehow don't fit into the other three. These works are usually the most weird) but not less cool)