April 1, 2011

International Caux Conferences 2011

Detailed Programmes

Sunday, 3 July (16.45) – Friday, 8 July (noon)
Transform yourself – Transform the world around you

Training by Initiatives of Change
These training courses are designed to help people address the economic, social, political and spiritual challenges of our time. They include personal development and capacity-building for those with a passion to be agents of change. Participants from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, races and religions will find an ideal setting to explore the practice of what is being taught as well as the principles.

Sunday, 10 July (16.45) – Sunday, 17 July (evening)
Fourth annual Caux Forum for Human Security

Caux as a resource for the world’s peacemakers
The fourth annual Forum of a five year programme aimed at changing the traditional dynamic of diplomacy; developing collaborative action by encouraging greater listening, attention to past hurts and creative initiatives. The Forum will bring together people active in many aspects of human security – diplomats, academics, journalists, field-workers, business people.

Tuesday, 26 July (16.45) – Sunday, 31 July (noon)
Learning to live in a multicultural world

Diaspora and peacemaking in Europe
Over the past years and decades, migration has increased rapidly and diaspora communities have become a crucial factor on local, national and international levels. Diasporas can serve as peacemakers but they can also amplify and even create conflicts. The conference wants to build bridges between diaspora communities and host societies all over Europe. Apart from lectures, panels and discussion groups, training modules will be an integral part of the conference programme.

Tuesday, 2 August (16.45) – Monday, 8 August (noon)
Trust and integrity in the global economy (TIGE)

Exploring ways to help create a just and equitable global economy
An honest and open dialogue between all sectors of the global economy based around the core values that underpin our society at an individual and institutional level. At TIGE 2011 we will especially focus on dialogue between business, finance & banking; food, sustainability & environment; young leaders; innovators and creative thinkers. The aim is to further the process of restoring trust, integrity and values that lie at the heart of our institutions. www.cauxbusiness.org
All discussions and lectures of the conferences will be translated simultaneously (English, German, French). Simultaneous translations into other languages will be provided according to the needs of the audience.
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Conference Fees
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