July 8, 2011

International Youthcamp 2011

International Youthcamp2011 will take place on 12-14 August 2011, in Ballerup, Denmark. Active young people from all over the EU will meet to jointly develop ideas, debate democracy and establish networks across geographical borders. The activities at the Youthcamp will strengthen the young people in their work developing projects for and with young people in their local area, and engaging other young people in the democratic decision-making processes.

The camp consists of a series of workshops, where Danish and foreign presenters talk about e.g. inter alia, international political cooperation, project development and youth participation. The camp also offers social and cultural events, such as film, music, swimming, video art, song writing and much more. As a participant in the camp you will help to shape the camp and its contents.

Youthcamp Organizer Group consists of young people from Fingal in Ireland, Nacka in Sweden, Adalar in Turkey and Ballerup in Denmark.

The personal goals for the participants of the camp are to:
LEARN IT – share knowledge and experiences!
SHARE IT – create networks and relations!
DO IT – participate in social and cultural activities!

The underlying and bigger goal of the camp is to tell the world, the political leaders and the people around us that young people have dreams and ideas and want to express their opinions and to get their voices through to the political leaders. 

Youthcamp2011 participants must be between the ages of 15 and 25 when the camp is held (12-14 August 2011). The Youthcamp is for young people, who have some experience with the democratic process through youth projects, youth councils or youth organizations.

Conditions for participation
Participants younger than 18 years must be accompanied by an adult or a leader over 18. The name of the leader must be provided on the registration form.

It is possible for several people from the same project, youth council, etc. to attend. If you attend as a group, the group’s other participants must be included on the registration form. If you attend as part of a group, it must be stated who is responsible for the group on the registration form.

Accommodation, food and activities
Youthcamp2011 provides accommodation, food and water for the participants free of charge. Activities described in the Youthcamp2011 programme are also free for the participants, but they must pay for OFFSITE activities requested which are not offered by Youthcamp2011.

Transport and travel costs
You are responsible for your own transport to and from Copenhagen Airport/Train Station, a mini-bus will be provided to collect you and transport you to the camp. Youthcamp2011 provides directions, timetables, etc. at www.youthcamp2011.eu, where you can also download the mini-site for mobile phones. The participants pay their own travel costs to and from Youthcamp2011. 

Registration for Youthcamp2011 is available on the website at www.youthcamp2011.eu. Deadline - August 01, 2011.

For more information contact the Youthcamp secretariat at info@youthcamp2011.eu

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