September 20, 2011

EuroBelgrade 2011

Euro Belgrade 2011 is an international student sports tournament that is organized by the Faculty of organizational sciences from Belgrade (Serbia) and supported by the entire University of Belgrade. It will take place from 14th to 17th of October and during those four days students will have the opportunity to play futsal, volleyball, basketball or waterpolo during the day and party in the night. All of the games will be played at one place, in a sport complex that is positioned in a forest called Kosutnjak (the very heart of Belgrade nature) which many people find as one of the most beautiful green parts of the city. 

When you come here, besides playing sports, we will take to you visit some of the most attractive and famous Belgrade sights because our wish is to make you feel as pleasant as you can. We also want you to feel comfortable, so you can choose between three options when it comes to accomodation: you can be situated in a hotel, hostel or a gym. It depends on what you like the best. Our wish is to spread friendship, to strengthen bonds among European students and to become a brand in the next few years. We hope that we will come up with unforgettable experience to all of its participants.

So, don’t miss this opportunity and come to play&have fun with us! You will meet some wonderful people, play your favorite sport on some of the highest quality fields and enjoy in youth in the right way-on unforgettable parties!

Application deadline is September 30, 2011!

More information on how to apply, programme, fees, acomodation and everything else can be found at


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