November 11, 2011

2012–2013 Fellows Program in Imperial Legacies and International Politics in the Post-Soviet Space

The Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies - Harvard University’s center for interdisciplinary research and study of Russia and the countries surrounding it - is pleased to announce the theme for its 2012–2013 Fellows Program. The Fellows Program brings together scholars at early and later stages in their careers to consider a common theme spanning the social sciences and humanities. Professors Timothy Colton (Government) and Serhii Plokhii (History) will coordinate the 2012–2013 program. We are interested in applications from scholars currently working on our chosen theme, or equally those working on unrelated themes, but who are interested in exploring our theme. (Note that scholars whose work does not address the selected theme are encouraged to apply for fellowships at the Davis Center, and their applications will receive full consideration.)

The theme for 2012–2013 is "Imperial Legacies and International Politics in the Post-Soviet Space," constituting an examination of the international and transnational politics of the post-Soviet space in historical perspective. Areas to be explored under this theme include history, identity issues, security, political economy, and regime building in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries of the region. Other topics of interest include social and cultural factors such as migration, public health, religion, organized crime, environmental degradation, popular culture, and the mass media.

In addition to pursuing their own research, Fellows will participate in a bi-weekly interdisciplinary seminar series that will explore the theme. Papers will be presented by the visiting Fellows, Harvard faculty, and invited outside speakers.

Types of Awards
The Center offers three types of fellowships: Postdoctoral, Senior, and Regional. The maximum stipend amounts for these awards are detailed below. Scholars with outside or sabbatical funding who wish to be in residence at the Davis Center in 2012–2013 should apply using the fellowships application and indicate that they do not require Davis Center funding. If selected, they will join the Center as Postdoctoral, Senior, or Regional Fellows.

Postdoctoral Fellowships
-For junior scholars who will have completed the Ph.D. or equivalent by September 2012, but no earlier than September 2007 (less than five years).
-Stipend of up to $38,000.
-Citizens of all countries may apply.

Senior Fellowships
-For senior scholars who have already made a significant contribution to the field.
-Applicants will have completed the Ph.D. or equivalent prior to September 2007 and hold a full-time academic appointment.
-Stipend of up to $26,000 to bring salary to full-time level. In certain situations, if the stipend and the applicant's sabbatical pay are insufficient to cover necessary costs, the Davis Center may be able to provide additional funds.
-Citizens of all countries may apply.

Regional Fellowships
-For advanced scholars, policymakers, journalists, and other specialists.
-Stipend of up to $46,000.
-Citizens of Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus may apply.

Deadline for applications: January 9, 2012

If you have any questions, please contact the Fellows Program at, tel. 617.495.0466.


  1. hello,
    how about a Bsc holder,how can he/she be a partaker/attendee from Nigeria

  2. This program is for scholars who have completed the Ph.D. or equivalent!