December 16, 2011

Prague Summer Schools 2012

Center for Public Policy (CPVP) in cooperation with the Institute for European and National Strategies (InStrategy) will organize various Summer Schools between 30 June and 7 July 2012:

+Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology
+European Summer Institute on the Future of Europe

Prague Summer Schools (PSS), Czech Republic are designed to bring together undergraduate and graduate students of various academic backgrounds from the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and other parts of the world to learn and enjoy their holidays in a unique academic and cultural environment.

Prague Summer Schools have lots to offer for every student. Please chose the program according to your field of study or your interests and spend a socially and culturally intensive, as well as academically challenging week in Prague!

Our mission is to bring about the efficient and innovative policy solutions. The Center for Public Policy (CPVP) provides analysis and alternative solutions on a wide spectrum of public policies in the Czech Republic in order to improve the governance of public matters and resources.

Prague Summer Schools (PSS) aim to contribute to international dialog on the important social and economic issues thereby bringing a large group of international students to Prague to spend one week in challenging and intensive educational environment.

We founded the PSS because we believe that the exchange of views of individuals coming from different academic and cultural backgrounds based on high quality information provided during the lectures supports international understanding and may have a significant impact on the world's future.

How to Apply 

Please fill in and submit the On-line Application Form. There is no application fee. The tuition fees vary from 680 EUR to 750 EUR. Tuition includes complete course reading materials, student’s handbook, maps,
accommodation and two meals per day (breakfast and dinner), fieldtrips, and cultural and special events. Students are responsible for their own travel costs, lunches and other personal expenses.

You will be asked to paste the following documents into the spaces specified in the On-line Application:
  • Your recent resume or curriculum vitae.
  • A statement-of-purpose not to exceed 500 words stating your reasons for applying to the Institute, and what you would like to gain by attending.
The language of the Institute is English. Therefore, non-native speakers of English should provide a proof of English proficiency. It might be one of the following: the IELTS/TOEFL score, letter from an English professor or official certificate of completed English courses.

You can also e-mail, snail mail or fax your application.

Early Bird Application Deadline: April 30, 2012
Final Application Deadline:
May 15, 2012 


We encourage students to search for outside funding to cover their programs fees and/or travel expenses. Students are encouraged to explore funding opportunities available through their home universities, non-governmental organizations and government sources, such as the Soros Foundation. Local businesses, corporations and employers are often a good source for additional scholarship help. We will be happy to provide accepted students with a letter of support for potential sponsors.

Please note that eligibility requirements, applications, dates and other deyails vary by the school! 

Further information can be found on the summer schools website:

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