March 17, 2012

Tips For A Perfect Revision Period

When end of year exams are looming, it’s inevitable that students across the country will start to get twitchy, and suddenly regret the hours lost in the union bar. Even those who've been diligent during term time can find the prospect of final assessment daunting.

However there are a few simple tips that should get you into the right frame of mind to perform to the best of your abilities.

First of all, work out what you actually need to do because very little will be achieved if you try to tackle revision without a coherent plan. Think about what subjects you're going to be tested on then decide which need the most work so you can allocate your time accordingly.

Take up any opportunities for extra classes and pay attention in the scheduled ones, your tutors won't be able to give you all the answers but they will be able to offer good advice. Make sure you have the books and materials you'll need in advance as a last minute trip to library will more often than not end in frustration when you realise the better prepared students have beaten you to it.

Devise a timetable so you know that all the topics you're going to be studying have a slot, it means there's a clear structure to your revision and ensures no areas will accidentally be overlooked. Keeping the momentum going is important and one of the best ways to achieve this is by remembering why you're sitting the exams in the first place. Whether it's a dream job or academic prestige, keep your eye on the prize.

It's also inspirational to visualise how you'll feel after the final exam is over - think back to last summer when you saw the year above celebrating freedom in their leavers hoodies.

The location of study needs a fair bit of thought too, family and housemates won't mean to distract you but they probably will. Find somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed or if there's nowhere suitable at home then head to the library.

A healthy diet is must even if it's comfort food and quick fixes you crave. It's tempting to go for lots of sugar and caffeine but this will just create erratic highs and lows then keep you awake when you do actually need to sleep.

Finally, allow yourself breaks at regular intervals because the brain really can only absorb so much information in one sitting. Herculean stints at the books will tire you out and ultimately have a bad effect on your vital concentration skills. Go for walks or take some exercise, it will naturally increase your energy levels and boost your mood.

Getting together with other students is another way to take the pressure off. You will all be in similar situations and it's good to be reminded of the fact that you're not the only one under pressure. Swap tips, share struggles and maybe even decide what leavers hoodies to wear when it's your turn to celebrate.

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Jack Oldham is a journalism graduate blogging on behalf of Banana Moon Clothing, specialists in personalised clothing including printed t-shirts, leavers hoodies and many more garments.

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