January 26, 2010

Summer Academy in Schloss Hofen

The Centre International de Formation Europeenne (CIFE) invites to apply for the annual North American European Summer Academy in Schloss Hofen, near Bregenz, Austria, which will be held from July 26th to August 7th, 2010. The general topic of the event: Relations Between Europe And North America. 

Deadline: applications are considered as soon as received. 
Eligibility: generally graduate students, but applications from students in their second and third year university studies and young professionals shall be also considered (about 20 participants). 

Applications from European and North American students are welcome. The working language is English. Students successfully passing an exam will have the possibility to acquire ECTS academic credits (6 ECTS). A wide variety of experts including academics, social scientists and practitioners from Europe and North America will teach in this program. Classes will deal with the situation in Europe, Canada and the United States, transatlantic security and economic issues such as for example NATO, commercial relations between North America and Europe and also with the contemporary challenges of transatlantic relations.

The entire program is based in the education Centre Schloss Hofen. This former castle will be home to students for the duration of the program. Students and lecturers will be accommodated here and meals will take place here. It is located in the Voralberg mountains within fifteen minutes walk of Lake Constance, barbecues on the beach, boat trips to Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Group activities and excursions constitute an important part of the summer school.

A limited number of grants is available after examination of registration forms. Candidates who are not able to pay full expenses, may apply for a study and/or a living grant which will cover, partially or fully, the cost of the course. Travel costs have to be borne by participants. 

For more information about the event, program costs and availabe grant opportunities please visit the website: http://cife.eu/ 

Contact person: Marie-France Perdigon, Director of the Summer University Programme, direction.mfp@orange.fr

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