April 6, 2010

14th International Culture Week in Pécs

The International Culture Week in Pécs (ICWiP) is one of the most popular annual youth cultural festivals organized in the City Pécs, Hungary. ICWiP has inspired more than 3000 young people from more than 80 countries during its 13 year-long history. Now you are invited, too. This year the festival will be held on 24 July - 1 August.

Its programme combines a summer school, different cultural and sport activities, and an inspiring festival with concerts, danceshows, and exhibitions.

The one-week-long summer visit to Pécs is not just a pile of workshops and enjoyable late night events. It is about building an international community of young, open-minded, ambitious people. The participants from previous years could all justify this statement.

Our aim is not just to gather the youth from all four corners of the world to Pécs, only to spend a week together and move home with the same social web they came with. Not only experiences are being exchanged here, but e-mail and postal adresses, phone numbers, even intimate secrets with newly acquired friends.

The things that matter as the years go on are not solely the knowledge the participants gain, or the cheerful memories linked to locations and occations in the city, but invaluable relationships that link continents and nations together.

The theme of ICWiP2010 is Balkans: Re-loaded, which stems from the concept of the original European Capital of Culture application of the city of Pécs. The geopolitical area of the Balkans is unique and at the same time very multicultural. In 2010 Pécs may become the first European Capital of Culture to open a gateway to the rich multiculturalism of the Balkans, including its Islamic heritage. During the conference and festival we will be discussing what a “Balkans identity” is or whether it even exists.

How does today's youth reflect the national identities in relation to a possible “Balkans identity”? How does the youth view the future of the area? The formation process of the Balkan nations is important from the viewpoint of democracy. Keeping this in mind we have invited lecturers also from other counties and continents to share their views and experiences on the democracy development in practice.

Deadlines for application

Early bird Registration: 15 April 2010
Visa-countries: 30 April 2010
Non-visa countries: 31 May 2010

Participation fees

The participation fee covers accommodation, board (2 warm meals per day), local transport, sightseeing, entrance fees, and free participation in trips, conference programme, cultural and sport events of ICWiP2010.

Fee for individuals: 190 EUR / person. Early bird registration: 140 EUR / person, if you register and transfer the fee until 15 April. Individuals coming from specific countries (related to this year's theme), including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia: 120 EUR / person. Discount for groups: For every 5 persons registered as a group (e.g. group from Torino, group from the University of Nitra, etc.) each person receives a 20% discount from the fee.

Please go here to find more and apply online: http://www.icwip.hu

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