November 25, 2010

Journalism Internship Opportunities 2011

Please find below the information on 2011 internship opportunities in journalism and communication at Deutsche Welle, Estonian Free Press, and Eur@dioNantes.

Internship Opportunities at Deutsche Welle

Internships of one to two months are open to students of journalism at German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Internships with Deutsche Welle are offered in all departments in which journalistic work is carried out: DW-RADIO, DW-TV, DW-WORLD.DE, DW-AKADEMIE and the communications department. Deutsche Welle places great emphasis on involving the trainee as much as possible in an editorial department’s day-to-day work. The more practical experience the trainee already has, the better his or her chances of being allowed to carry out journalistic or editorial tasks. Applicants must have completed at least three semesters of his/her studies and they must possess some experience of journalism in radio, TV, or multimedia.

For an internship with DW-RADIO, DW-WORLD.DE, DW-AKADEMIE and the communications department in Bonn, applications may be submitted all year round to: For an internship with DW-TV in Berlin, applications for the period between July and December 2011 should be submitted in April. Submissions for Berlin should be made to Fabian von der Mark:

For further information about criteria and procedure, see Deutsche Welle website.

Estonian Free Press Intership 

Estonian Free Press is looking for interns to cover different positions in the magazine starting from January 2011. Applicants must be able to work at least five full days per week (in case of full time internships) or five half days (in case of part time internships) from the month of January. They will participate to the normal daily editorial routine which includes attending conferences, events and meeting with key people of the Estonian public life.

Responsibilities include assisting editors with research for current and upcoming issues, fact-checking, proofreading, producing articles, conducting interviews and participating in the editorial planning meeting.

The ideal candidate will possess: excellent English communication skills, meticulous attention to detail, with the ability to juggle multiple duties. This person must have experience in Word and Excel. Editorial internships at Estonian Free Press are open to graduates and university students – a major in journalism is an advantage but it is not mandatory.

Interns will be requested to participate to the magazine’s daily tasks as all other members of staff do and they will receive practical experience in the use of publishing software and search engine optimization.

Estonian Free Press offers different internship positions starting from a minimum of three to a maximum of 12 months both full time and part time. To apply for an editorial internship, please, send a cover letter together with a CV to:

Eur@dioNantes European Radio Station - Call for Interns

Eur@dioNantes, a European Radio station based in Nantes and supported by the European Commission, has recently launched the selection process of its upcoming European team of interns.

Eur@dioNantes is currently looking for high-level bilingual (in Fench) students in political science, journalism or European studies who are interested in European issues and who would like to get a formative experience in the world of New European Media.

The internship will run from 15th February 2011 to 13 July 2011 in Nantes. Application documents should be returned before the end of January 2011. The interns will receive a monthly allowance of about 417€.

The Eur@dioNantes team is composed of several young journalists who come from all over Europe and are trained at the radio station in Nantes. They are coached by French professional journalists, who have had years of experience in journalism. For several months the journalists will learn how to create new ways of listening to European information. They will have to immerse themselves into the local environment in Nantes and compare what they see and hear to the wider frame of European news. The aim is to open new perspectives and consider the implications of what is happening on a cultural, economical, social or political level on a local, national and European scale.



  2. For further information about criteria and procedure of all 3 interships, please see the respective program websites specified above.