November 19, 2010

Leaders of the Borders, Borders of the Leaders International Conference

University of Oradea, University of Debrecen and Institute for Euro-regional Studies Oradea-Debrecen invite you to participate in the International Conference Leaders of the Borders, Borders of the Leaders on 31 March – 02 April 2011, in Oradea, Romania.

Panels of the Conference

I. Political leadership and the borders of Europe during the Cold War
This section focus on the role of political leaders in changing the European borders during the Cold War. New post-war borders: physical, ideological, cultural, economic borders.

II. United Europe, Europe of the leaders: European borders from 6 to (+)27
This section specifies the role of different European and national leaders in the transformations of internal European borders in the process of passing from the Europe of 6 to Europe of 27 (or more, if the article is a prospective one). A considerable attention is paid to the role of the leaders in the process of “humanizing” the borders (i.e. realisation of Schengen space).

III. Border and leaders after the end of the Cold War: the disappearance/ appearance of the borders
This section highlights the role of the “toxic” and/or the “charismatic” leaders in the transformation of the borders, such as in the cases of former Czechoslovakia and/or of former Yugoslavia crisis; Moldova/Transnistri a crisis; Caucasian region crisis. This section proposes the challenge concentrated on the potential possibility of the “charismatic” leaders being “toxic” leaders simultaneously.

Conference Fees

The conference participation fee is 50 EUR.

The organisers cover:
  • Two days’ accommodation
  • Lunches and dinners for the two days of the Conference
  • Conference proceedings and materials
The participants from the West Balkans countries and from Republic of Moldova are free of charge as regarding the participation fee. The organiser will not cover the travel expenses of participants.

Schedule of the conference

15 December 2010: deadline for abstracts of papers & short biography of authors
30 December 2010: selection of the participants
15 January 2011: distribution of participants in the panels
15 March 2011-final confirmation of participants; the deadline of fee payment (if is the case)

How to apply

In order to participate, please fill the Registration Form.
Filled Registration Form and the proof of fee payment should be sent by the conventional mail  (Cristina Dogot, Universitatea Oraddea, 1 Universitatii Street, Oradea, Romania) or by e-mail (; cmgheorghe@yahoo. Proof of fee payment should be sent until 15 March 2011.

Selected papers presented in the conference will be published in the issue no.11 of the review EUROLIMES, the Journal of the Institute for Euroregional Studies Oradea-Debrecen and “Jean Monnet” European Centre of Excellence, edited by professors Ioan HORGA (Oradea) and Istvan SULI-ZAKAR (Debrecen).

More information can be obtained from 
PhD. Cristina Dogot: or
University of Oradea
Faculty of History, Geography and International Relations
Specialization: European Studies and International Relations
Tel: 0040-745- 434070

You can find the call for papers here

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