December 14, 2010

The Eastern Partnership and the Future of EU Engagement

Chatham House in partnership with the Robert Bosch Stiftung, St Antony’s College (Oxford University) and the European Commission invite young specialists from Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) to apply to participate in a new project assessing the European Union’s policy towards its Eastern neighbours. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a two-day programme of events in London and Oxford on 16 and 17 March 2011. Participants will be invited to share their ideas on the future of the EU’s Eastern Partnership with leading experts from across Europe. All travel and accommodation will be covered by the project organisers.


The Eastern Partnership was launched in 2008 at a challenging juncture for the European Union's relations with its eastern neighbours. The Russo-Georgian conflict forced the countries on Russia's periphery to look hard at the regional and geopolitical environment and reconsider the relative attractiveness of increased engagement with Euro-Atlantic organizations. The context has been further complicated by the global financial crisis, which shifted attention in EU member states both inwards, to domestic concerns, and further outwards, to questions of global governance reform.More than ever the EU has to make the case to its neighbours of the importance of open markets and transparent government, and that prosperity and security are best achieved through convergence with EU norms. With Poland, one of the initiators of the Eastern Partnership, assuming the EU Presidency in July 2011, this is an opportune moment for a re-evaluation of EU policy objectives and approaches in the region.


This project aims to provide an opportunity for young specialists and future leaders from the EaP countries, based in think tanks, public administration, the media and academia. The project will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas on EU policy with leading experts and policy-makers from across Europe. Participants will increase their knowledge of EU policy to Eastern Europe and build contacts with specialists from all parts of the continent. One applicant from each EaP country will be chosen to participate in an expert seminar entitled ‘The Eastern Partnership and the Future of EU Engagement’, to be held at Chatham House in London on 16 March 2011. On 17 March, participants will attend a programme of lectures, meetings and discussions on the future of the European Union with international relations experts at St Antony’s College, Oxford University. In addition, one applicant will be invited to write a Chatham House Briefing Paper on the future of the Eastern Partnership. This will be published by Chatham House and made available on the website (see below).


· Citizen of Eastern Partnership country (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine);
· Background in International Relations, Social Sciences or Economics;
· Track record of research on the former Soviet Union and EU relations with Eastern Europe or the South Caucasus;
· Excellent English writing and oral presentation skills;
· Under forty years old.


All successful applicants will participate in a seminar at Chatham House on 16 March 2011 and a programme of lectures and discussions on the EU at Oxford University on 17 March 2011. Applicants may be asked to provide short presentations at the conference, or act as a discussant in panels. Applicants can also apply to write a peer-reviewed Chatham House Briefing Paper (8,000-10,000 words) on the future of the EU’s Eastern Partnership. This will be organised separately on the basis of the applications submitted, and an honorarium will be paid.


Please apply by sending your CV, a cover letter, a publication sample and a proposal for a presentation or research paper on an aspect of the EU’s policy towards its Eastern partners. This can focus on the EU’s policy to a single Eastern Partnership country or the region as a whole. Proposals should be a maximum of 500 words. Please indicate in your cover letter if you would also like to be considered for the Briefing Paper. Applicants to write the briefing paper must provide a broad regional focus in their research proposal.

All travel costs and accommodation for participants will be covered by Chatham House.

Application deadline: 10 January 2011

Please send applications to:
Alex Nice
Russia and Eurasia Programme
Chatham House
10 St James’s Square
London, SW1Y 4LE
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 7314 3627

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