December 17, 2010

How International Students Can Find Scholarships

Education is expensive, but very often, it’s worth every penny you spend on it as long as you’re able to find the job of your dreams, one that you love and one that pays well. And when you travel overseas to find the best education possible, you know that affordability is going to be a deciding factor in your decision to stay on or return home. While most international students settle for student loans at exorbitant interest rates, there are a few who are savvy enough to research their options and apply for and secure a scholarship. It’s not an easy task to find international scholarships because there are so few of them, but it’s not impossible if you set your mind to it. 
  • The first place to look for international scholarships is in your home country – search for scholarships and low-interest loans that are offered by government agencies, local business organizations, and charitable foundations.
  • Check the sites of international humanitarian organizations for scholarships that promote cultural exchanges between the USA and other countries of the world.
  • If you belong to certain ethnic groups, you may qualify for scholarships that are meant to help and support your community’s progress.
  • International scholarships are also available for students who have chosen certain courses of study, so if your major is one of these, check to see what you have to do to qualify.
  • Some colleges have programs to foster student communities that are culturally, economically, socially and geographically diverse; so they award scholarships to foreign students who meet their standards. Check to see if your chosen school has such a program or if you can gain admission to any other school that does.
  • Some colleges offer international scholarships for exceptional sportspersons or athletes, so if you have the necessary skills, apply for these.
  • Your chances of securing an international scholarship are better at individual schools rather than state universities.
A few tips that come in handy when you’re searching for an international scholarship:
  • If you’re a graduate student, you stand a higher chance of securing a scholarship because there are more available for international students. It’s easier as graduate and teaching assistantships and fellowships are offered to students with proven academic records.
  • However, do remember that some schools may offer fellowships and assistantships only to students in their second year of study.
  • The earlier you start your search, the more likely you are to taste success.
  • You’re not likely to get your student visa unless you’re able to show how you intend to finance your education abroad, so start looking and applying for scholarships early.
  • Scholarships may cover only the cost of tuition; so be prepared to handle the expenses for room, board, books and other miscellaneous items on your own.
  • Check with the financial aid offices of colleges and universities to assess your chances of securing a scholarship before you make an decisions based on assumptions and hearsay.

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