January 25, 2011

8th International Conference "Economic Integrations, Competition and Cooperation"

University of Rijeka - Faculty of Economics, Chair Jean Monnet University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Economics - Chair Jean Monnet, CEDIMES Paris – Rijeka - Centre d’Etudes du Développement International ed des Mouvements Economiques et Sociaux, University of Antwerp - Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, and Organizing Committee are organizing the 8th International Conference "Economic Integrations, Competition and Cooperation" to be held on April 6-9, 2011 in Opatija, Croatia.

University and government researchers, economists, business experts, students and other interested parties are invited to submit abstracts for the conference. Potential papers should address any of the following, or related topics:

  • Theory and practice of economic integration
  • Global trade liberalization vs. regional economic integration
  • Competitiveness and challenges of the enlarged EU
  • Business and government perspectives of EU enlargements
  • Case studies on specifics of national economic policies related to economic integration;
  • International business in changing global environment - theory and practices
  • Regulatory environment of the EU; EU and national perspective
  • Western Balkans; trade, cooperation and EU integration perspective
Interested parties are also invited to volunteer as reviewers, discussants and session chairs. In addition to sharing and discussing ideas, this International Conference is designed to strengthen the spirit of European economic and business cooperation and promote Croatia’s accession to the EU.

Participation fee constitutes 250 Euros. For students the fee is reduced to 150 Euros. 

Visit the website for more information on registration: http://www.efri.uniri.hr/english/prikaz.asp?txt_id=6812

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