January 20, 2011

Understanding Europe Summer Program 2011 at University of Tours

Université François Rabelais - Tours invites applications for its summer program Understanding Europe that will be held on June 20 – July 8, 2011 at the University of Tours, France. 

This program, to be given in English over a three week period by European and French lecturers from the University of Tours, will concentrate on the construction of Europe. It will conclude with a period of study on the site of the European Institutions in Strasbourg : the European Parliament in session, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights.

Before the commencement of the summer school, Frech language tuition will be available over a fortnightly period in the Institut of Touraine. The course will be provided at a reduced rate for students who have registered in the summer school.

The program also includes cultural activities at weekends (visit of the town of Amboise, Fontevraud Abbey, Guild Museum, Loire Valley chateau…).

Teaching location : University of Tours
Duration of program : 3 weeks, 36 hours over three weeks combined with a program of cultural activities over the week-ends. An optional 2-week course in French will be offered before the start of the program.
Eligible sudents : any student who has completed at least one year in higher education and has an interest in European Institutions
Language : English
Subjects taught : political science, law, economy, european culture, french (optional)
Description :
- Module 1 : The construction of Europe
- Module 2 : The European Union (Institutions, community law and European intergovernmental law)
- Module 3 : Great Britain and Europe
- Module 4 : The European economy
- Module 5 : The issue of Turkey’s entry
- Individual written work
- regular attendance and participation over the three weeks
- regular attendance and participation, written and oral work for the French course
ECTS credits
The University of Tours will give 6 ECTS for the three-week program, and 3 ECTS for the intensive French course but it is the responsibility of the institution each student attends to take into account, or not, the credits awarded.

Program Fees
- Optional Intensive French Course (June 6 – June 17, 2011) : 425 euros (2 weeks, 20 hours / week)
- Summer Program – Understanding Europe (including cost of the visit to Strasbourg) : 860 euros (250 euros deposit)
IMPORTANT: several €300 to €500 scholarships are available. 
- Room in a hall of residence (booked by the university) : from 70 to 120 euros a week
- Accomodation with a family in town may also be proposed
Daedline: April 15, 2011. Download the registration form, and the scholarship application form.
Number of participants : 15 to 25 (if there are fewer than 15 participants registered, the University reserves the right to cancel the program).

For additional information, please contact Catherine Chevrier : catherine.chevrier@univ-tours.fr or visit the following address : http://www.univ-tours.fr/19327033/0/fiche___pagelibre/&RH=1179842228246.

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