January 31, 2012

Student Conference in Maribor 2012

Are you looking for something different?
Do you want to be active this summer?
Do you want this summer to be meaningful for you?
Do you want to spend 10 days with awesome people from all over the world?
Do you want to explore a small country in the middle of Europe called Slovenia?
SCiM 2012 is a chance to do it all!!

Like every year, SCiM is being organized for you. You will already be the 14th generation of students to in SCiM. In 10 days you will have the opportunity to be active in different workshops. This year’s topic is connected with the European year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between generations.

SCiM (Student Conference in Maribor) is the biggest project of the Department of International Affairs, at the Student Organization of University in Maribor. Each year more than 80 students from different countries are gathered at this event.

This year SCiM will be held from the 22nd June till the 2nd of July. On this, the 14th SCiM we will prepare theoretical and practical workshops. Theoretical workshops will be based on different topics. Some of them are as follows:

- How to be active when getting old
- How to live a healthy life
- Solidarity between generations
- Youth employment issues

In practical workshops you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself in

- Video workshops
- Foto workshops
- Dance workshops
- Theatre workshops

But don't worry! There will also be a lot of time for having fun, meeting new people, exploring Maribor and Slovenia, and spending 10 unforgettable days in your life!

Don't hesitate! Apply for SCiM 2012!

The application deadline is the 25th March, 2012

You can find the application form and more information about the festival on our website www.scim.si 


  1. I am a student from Cambodia ! I want to know more about this event. I want to know the criteria that we need in order that we can join. Moreover, i want to know whether the participant need to pay if we join? and if yes, what are the things we need to pay ? The last question is that how can we apply for the rights to join this event ?

  2. There is no fee. Organization team cover your accommodation costs, food, program activities, trip around Slovenia, welcome drinks on parties. You only need to take care of travel costs.
    Basically there are no exact eligibility requirements stated. You have to fill in the application form and be an active student. However, I am not sure if non-EU students can apply. Please clarify at: scim2011@soum.si

    1. Thanks for your information. I will check it for more detail.

  3. I attended scim last year and it was great. everyone can apply, we had participants from several continents. but anyway for more info check out official page.