February 23, 2012

Best Educational Networks Available on Satellite TV

Many people watch satellite TV for entertainment, but there is no reason why you can’t watch educational channels that are also entertaining. Many networks contain a huge list of education channels that are fun to watch, and you always learn something from them. 

This article will list 10 of the best educational channels, so you exactly where to go when you want to learn something new.

Food Network

Everyone needs food, so learning how to prepare it can make dinner, lunch and breakfast more interesting and nutritious. The Food Network primarily has shows about preparing food, but there are also shows that teach you about the history of manufacturing process of common foods, as well.

The History Channel

Exactly as its name says, this channel is all about history. Most of the shows discuss lesser known aspects about popular times in history, but there are other shows that discuss new history that is being made right now. If you are interested in the past, then this channel will be right for you.

Military Channel

This is like the History Channel in some regards, as it covers common wars, but it covers the militaristic aspect more than the history. This is good, because many shows seem to breeze over these aspects, forgetting to really delve into militaristic equipment and strategy. This channel fills that gap, and is sure to teach you something new about old and modern warfare.

Travel Channel

Do you like to travel, or at least learn about new areas that are common travel spots? This channel has a lot of shows that visit these popular areas, so you know exactly what you will find if you ever go there.

Investigation Discovery

This channel delves into how most crimes are solved: through intense investigation. There are shows about popular or interesting crimes, and it shows how they were solved and what detectives and other officials did to reach the answer. For anyone who likes to know what goes on in a real investigation, this is a great channel.

DIY Network

Do you like building or doing things yourself? This channel has a lot of tutorial shows that will show you how do to things on your own, without any help. Whether you want to build a deck or put together your own electronics, you can learn about it here.

Discovery Health

If you are interested in finding out how your body works, and how you can best preserve your health, then this channel is a perfect fit. Most of the shows talk about the human body and how to best keep it in shape. There are also shows about rare diseases that you may also like.

Home and Garden Television

This channel is preoccupied with teaching you about how to spruce up your home or make your garden look fantastic. There are many shows about improving both, and it is great for interior and exterior designers.

Planet Green

The green revolution is a strong one, and this channels shows you how to make your life more green by saving energy and doing other things that can help the environment.


Space is huge, and while no one channel can fill in all the gaps of the universe, this channel does its best. Here you will find shows that teach about our universe and about space travel. Aside from shows, there are also many news reports about what is going on now with space.

Satellite TV has a lot of education channels, much more than just 10, but these are the best of the bunch. Scroll through your channels, watch some of these shows and have some fun learning about the world around you.

Author's Bio. Tech writer EJ Parfitt has been writing for a short time now and has already picked up steam with several tech websites and local news sites . During his free time , you're sure to catch him competing in local chess tournaments in downtown Fort Lauderdale FL .

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