October 16, 2012

Tips for the Essay Exam

The essay exam is one of the most structured and detailed exam questions you’ll ever discover. For most students, the essay exam can be stressful. This article looks at some of the tips you need to ace this exam. The tips come in three parts. 

Before the essay exam

Before the main exam, you need to practice and prepare. This is because; you will not have the time to do this in the exam. You need to start by anticipating questions that may come in the main exam. The best way to do this is by revisiting past papers. What angles were tested in the past papers? And considering you attended class, what did your instructor emphasize? Having answers to these questions is a great way to get started on the right path you will also find it really useful when you want ideas to use in a real exam scenario.

You also need to start practicing how to write. Doing a summary for every theory you study is great. Focusing your skills in defining clarity, understanding and consciousness in the theories also works. To add on this, in order for you to be confident come exam day, you need to intensify revision. You must memorize facts, events and times you can use to support arguments. Once you have these facts, meditate on the best way to organize them. Make comparisons, contrast theories and get different angles that can be used to answer questions. 

During the exam

Most students have the biggest challenge handling this phase. Some are tempted to furiously scan the exam questions and this is bad. Instead, do the following:
- Start by dumping memory-i.e. write all the points you memorized for the exam
- Read-study the questions and instructions that have been provided. Doing this opens up the memory and gives some ideas on where answers to some of the questions are.
- Form a thesis that completely answers the question. Since time is not on your side, just introduce, elaborate and show how you’ll prove it.
- Organize supporting details before tackling the body. This step is critical because it’s what the whole piece is dependent upon. Ensure you have the supporting details done coherently.
- Just start making a persuasive argument. Argument is relative. However, in the exam, you are required to have a clear point of view, adduce evidence and create logical ideas all through until it’s over. 

What you need to avoid

When considering the exam essay, there are a few things you must desist from. One of this is excuses. You need to avoid excuses when writing an exam essay at all costs. That you ran out of time or didn’t have time to study because you were sick are instances that shouldn’t arise. 

You should also avoid bluffing in the essay. Many students because of poor preparation merely bluff their ways through essays. Don’t be among these ones. Finally, you need to answer a question. Don’t follow the kitchen sink approach where you say all you know about a topic. Have a definite goal, facts to a thesis.

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