October 29, 2012

Winter European Innovation Academy 2013

Tallinn University of Technology is offering you a stimulating academic environment, a vibrant community of motivated students and distinguished faculty in its intensive winter program Winter Innovation Academy on 21-27 January 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia. Winter European Innovation Academy is a place for transforming your knowledge, ideas and skills into real innovation. Innovation Academy is suitable for engineering, science and business students as well as professionals who are intending to pursue a career in innovative management. Winter Innovation Academy 2013 brings together famous motivational guest speakers who are innovation experts from world-famous and successful companies Microsoft and Samsung.

It is a place for exciting workshops and attractive discussions with professionals, where you can experience the opportunity of a lifetime: collaborating with world-famous start-up experts, answering big questions and transforming your increasing knowledge in the field of innovation. Through its series of lectures, presentations and workshops, students will be able to develop knowledge about turning innovative ideas into successful ventures. Students and entrepreneurs are divided into different groups taking into consideration knowledge and experience in this area.

Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook were founded by college students. Could you be building the next star technology start-up? This course provides basic knowledge and skills to help you answer this question. 

Course Sessions

Winter Innovation Academy 2013 session is divided into three parts:

1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2 days)
  • How changes in technology paradigms give rise to novel opportunities (Xbox Kinect, Youtube cases)?
  • How to identify, analyze and exploit these opportunities (Netflix, iPod cases)?
  • How to design innovative products, to create sustainable competitive edge (iPhone case)?
  • How to transform loose topics on technologies, opportunities, customers, markets to unique strategic business plans (Hilton, iPad cases)?
  • How to transform these plans into focused execution while avoiding common mistakes (Procter & Gamble, Android cases)?
2. Business Model Innovation (2 days)
  • What is a business model?
  • What features should a good business model possess?
  • How aggressively can a given business model distress other industry participants?
  • Can I design a successful business model?
3. Designing Social Applications as Software-Intensive Products (1 day)
The major models that we study in the course are goal, role and domain models for problem domain analysis and interaction, knowledge and behavior models for design.The course is illustrated by examples and exercises of designing social applications, such as the apps for societal parking, healthcare, and grocery shopping.

Registration & Scholarship Information

The deadline for registration is 1 December 2012. The special Early Bird Price (before 1 November 2012) is €390. The general price is €450. The optional Cultural Programme is €75.

The top five creative students who apply for scholarships by 1 NOVEMBER 2012 will be able to join the event for €100. 
Create a movie, picture compilation, infographic, etc. and show the judges your creativity by answering the following questions:
  • Who are you?
  • What does innovation mean for you?
  • Why do you want to join the Academy?
Mr. Alar Kolk, president of European Innovation Academy, will be among the jury to rate your creations. Send your work to michiel@innovationacademy4u.com with the subject “Scholarship Contest” by 1 November 2012. 

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