July 13, 2012

Global Entrepreneurship Summer School 2012

Last call for applications! Global Entrepreneurship Summer School in Munich, Germany, is not just a conventional Summer School. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the most exciting Summer School around the Globe. Apply now and meet leading Entrepreneurial Talents from around the World for more than one week in Germany.  

This year summer school will be held on September 20-28, 2012, the topic of the summer school: People on our PlanetChallenges of the Future.

Population Dynamics constitutes one of the most multifaceted global issues that will impact the shape of our world’s societies. While in most developed nations the population is both aging and shrinking, the total global population will explode from 7 billion at present to 10 billion in 2050. Never before in history people have migrated at such frequency and number, from rural areas to cities, from the poorer to the richer countries.

It has become common place to work and live in multiple countries and many people see themselves as “citizens of the world”. Megacities rise and bring huge opportunities for new business and science clusters but also bear the threat of ecological collapse. These dynamics produce many challenges for the world community but also huge entrepreneurial chances as entirely new demands and markets emerge. Take the challenge!

Who can apply?
You have to be enrolled in any university at any time during 2012 and you have to be between 18 – 27 years old.

Application process
This year we will accept 35 outstanding students from around the world. All applications will go through a very strict, but fair selection process. The deadline for Early Bird applications will be June 30, 2012. The regular deadline will be July 15, 2012 (GMT -12). We will inform everybody at the latest during the ast week of July about their application status.

Participants won’t have to pay for their accommodation. We will provide accommodation from Sep 19 until Sep 30 either in the guesthouse of the LMU or at other places such as apartments of other participants from Munich.

Global Scholarships
International students can apply for one out of our 20 travel scholarships. When accepted, the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School will contribute 50% of your total travel costs (mostly flight tickets) up to 500,- €. Just to remind you, accommodation, travel during your stay and lots of food during the week is also included – for free!

Food & travel in Munich
We will provide you for free some exclusive dinners as well as many snacks and coffee during the whole week. In addition we will cover your travel expenses for the public transport in Munich throughout the whole week.

If you are a student from Germany or if you don’t get accepted for a Global Travel Scholarship the Early Bird tuition fee for the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School is 79,- €. For regular applications after June 30 the fee will be 119,- € per selected participant. If you can provide accommodation to an international participant you won’t have to pay a tuition fee.

Please apply here with your CV and motivational letter (max. around 200 words) as PDF attachments.

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