July 19, 2012

Top 7 Places to Study Abroad for Science Majors

Who says being a party animal and a science nerd are mutually exclusive? Whether you are looking to go abroad because the waves crashing on the Australian shores are calling your name, the clubs in Milan are playing your jam, or you simply need to eat cheese in Paris for six months, there is no reason being a science major should hold you back. Here are some of the best destinations for the college scientists out there who have caught the travel bug.

1. Academic Programs International's campus in Dublin, Ireland offers courses in a range of topics, including human sciences, life sciences, and physical sciences. This capital city is one of Europe's most boisterous cities, so you can go to your physics lab and then grab a Guinness at the local pub without lacking for friends to join you. The city is also full of cultural institutions like theaters, museums and art galleries, and is especially well known for its musical offerings, from street performers to shows at the National Concert Hall.

2.  The International Studies Abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina has a number of science classes, ranging from the traditional subjects like Biology to the less common like Agricultural Sciences and Agronomy Soil Science.  This diverse, dynamic city is also a non-stop party, a historical treasure trove, and a cultural hub filled with architecture, art, and style.

3. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad program has campuses in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji with extensive offerings in ecology, animal sciences, and environmental management.  For nature lovers, these countries will be heavenly, filled with endless options for beaches, forests, and natural wonders.  The food options are also quite interesting.  Australians eat gator, emu, and kangaroo!

4. Want to be the next Charles Darwin?  Head to Broadreach College's programs in Coasta Rica and Nicaragua to study sea turtle ecology.  The beaches will double as your source of relaxation and scientific discovery.  Learn about conservation challenges and enjoy beautiful volcanic mountain views.  You won't run out of breathtaking outdoor adventures that are both fun and educational, providing hands on experiences for so many of the principles you've learned about in the classroom.

5.  Join Global Vision International to volunteer on dolphin and whale research in the Ligurian Sea, Italy.  Get on a sailing boat and play a direct role in field activities with certified researchers.  Analyze high-end digital photos and acoustic recordings. Get a tan.

6. Head out to Sevilla, Spain with International Internships. When you've finished a day of health sciences classes, head out to the local flamenco club or watch a bull-fight. Take a stroll along the picturesque Guadalquivir River for an experience you will never forget.

7. Save the orangutans in Sumatra, Indonesia with Global Vision International. You'll come face to face with these amazing creatures in their natural habitats, camp in the forest, and spend time with a group of likeminded, passionate conservationists.  

About the Author: Steven Madison researches and writes about anatomical models. After spending almost a year abroad as science major, he can say confidently that it was one of the best decisions he made in his life.

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