July 23, 2012

Top 10 Universities to Get Your Master’s Degree

If you have made the decision to get your master’s degree, it stands to reason that you want to study at the best possible university. But how do you choose the right one out of all the thousands in your country and throughout the rest of the world?

Of course, a lot depends on what courses you are interested in and what your main priorities are, however, there are a number of universities that stand out as being especially prestigious. To give you an idea of just how broad your options are, we’ve narrowed down the top ten universities around the globe to get your master’s degree. 

1. Harvard University
Harvard University has ranked as the number one University in the United States for years now, and 2012 was no different. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard has made a name for itself with its extensive library, athletic teams, on-campus residential housing and of course, its excellent courses in Economics, Political Science and Sociology.
Harvard has an average freshman retention rate of 97.2%, and has a gender distribution of 50% male and 50% female.  

2. National University of Singapore
The National University of Singapore is Asia’s leading university with 16 faculties and three campus locations in Kent Ridge, Bukit, Timah and Outram. It is known for its excellent student exchange programs and entrepreneurial internships at NUS Overseas Colleges.
With an overall ranking of 28 on Top Universities’ list of best universities, it is dedicated to creating a supportive and innovative environment to foster the creativity of its students. Some of its best degree programs include Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Management, and Arts and Humanities. 

3. University of Cambridge
The University of Cambridge has an overall ranking of 1 on the Top Universities’ list, and is famous for being one of the oldest universities in the world. Its buildings attract visitors from all over the world, as do its museums.
Endorsed by the Quality Assurance Agency, the University of Cambridge is best known for courses in Arts and Humanities, Life Sciences and Medicine and Engineering, and Technology. Another reason for its popularity is the fact that it organizes a great number of sporting and cultural activities each year. 

4. Melbourne University
Melbourne University was established in 1853, making it the oldest university in Victoria. It has an overall ranking of 31 amongst the world’s best universities and attracts over 40,000 students every year. Degree programs offered at the University of Melbourne include Biomedicine, Arts, Music and Science. 

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is divided into five schools and one college. It has strong programs in Economics, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Earth sciences and Mathematics.
It has a total enrollment of 4,299 students, of which 55% are male and 45% are female. Its average freshman retention rate is 97.5%, which shows just how satisfied its students are. 

6. University of Tokyo
The University of Tokyo has an overall rating of 25, and has been established since 1877. It has become popular with students from all over the world due to its student exchange programs.
It offers excellent master’s degree programs in Engineering, Agriculture, Life Sciences, Environmentology and Academic Studies. 

7. Toronto University
With an overall rating of 23 on Top Universities’ list, the Toronto University has gained a reputation for having one of the strongest teaching and research faculties in North America.
It offers degree programs in Social Sciences and Management, Natural Sciences and Engineering and Technology and is one of the most cited universities amongst researchers throughout the world. The Toronto University’s campus also provides students with over 1000 clubs and extra-curricular activities to engage in. 

8. Yale University
This private Ivy League university is located in New Haven, Connecticut. With an impressive 315 acre campus and total enrollment of 5,310, Yale University is one of the most highly sought after universities in the world and was ranked as number 3 on the U.S. News’ list of the world’s best universities in 2011.
It is well-known for having superb drama and music programs, although the most popular majors at Yale include Biology/Biological Sciences, Political Science and History. It has an impressive freshman retention rate of 99% and a gender distribution of 49.6% male and 50.4% female. 

9. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
ETH Zurich has the honor of being the university where Einstein began his career, and is known for being one of the best universities in Europe. Its overall ranking on Top Universities’ list is 18.
It has 16 departments and offers Master’s degree programs in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Engineering Sciences and Architecture and Civil Engineering, System-Oriented Natural Sciences, and Management and Social Sciences.
Two thirds of its professors are international and its location in the upbeat city of Zurich with its happening nightlife makes it a favorite with students from all over the world. 

10. Imperial College London
Imperial College London ranks as number 6 on Top Universities’ list and provides nearly 14,000 students from all over the world with a range of excellent degree programs in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Business and Humanities. 
The university is often consulted by governments and is called on to offer informed commentary to the media on a regular basis. Its major campuses are located in South Kensington, Silwood Park and Wye.
Another thing that makes Imperial College highly sought-after is the fact that it has been rated as the best university to go to in terms of job prospects. The average starting salary for graduates from Imperial College is £25,780, the highest of any university in the UK.

About the Author. Tess is part of the team behind Open Colleges, a TESOL course provider based in Australia. When not working, she spends her time reading and planning her daily travels. 

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